YNM Weighted Blanket Reviews

YNM Weighted Blanket Reviews and More

Introduction to the Weight Blanket from YNM

There is no better feeling than coming home from a long workday, only to relax and snuggle up in your bed or couch with a weighted blanket. Whether it’s to read a book, watch TV, listen to music, take a nap, or go to sleep, weighted blankets are ideal in so many situations. Hence why there are so many people interested in YNM Weighted Blanket reviews.

Besides the natural appeal of a weighted blanket, there comes the therapeutic benefit to mention as well. First and foremost, weighted blankets are great at reducing stress and anxiety. No matter how carefree of an individual you might be, practically every person deals with these issues from time to time.

Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions available, with a weighted blanket being one of the best options to help rid this specific issue. Not to mention the countless other areas a weighted blanket does an excellent job aiding. Still, none of that matters if you don’t have a blanket that’s right for you.

Nevertheless, our review will closely look at the weighted blanket from YNM, highlighting if it’s worth your investment. We’ll discuss the company’s background information, pros, cons, and overall verdict. From there, we’ll mention plenty of other information related to the subject; let’s take a look!

YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... 46,071 Reviews $39.90

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YNM Background Information

Plenty of reviews on YNM Weighted Blanket forgets to mention the company behind the product. Nevertheless, YNM is about dedicating products that promote a good night’s rest. The company understands that when a person is well-rested, they feel better and are generally sharper in life.

Besides promoting better sleep, their blanket is designed to relieve restlessness, pain, anxiety, and stress. YNM is exceptionally confident in its products due to the countless prototypes they had beforehand. The prototypes were crafted with perfection in mind, not ready to present until perfect.

The company’s launch was met with critical acclaim, with them selling over a million blankets since. Still, none of that reputation matters if their product doesn’t hold up. So, how does this specific blanket from the company hold up? Let’s go over our review and discuss the verdict after.

YNM Weighted Blanket Review

All amazon weighted blanket YNM reviews tend to focus on how popular and highly rated the blanket is. Besides an in-depth review like this, customer feedback and general popularity are hugely beneficial to the success of a product. It’s always refreshing knowing there is such an extensive group of support behind the product you’re interested in.

Nevertheless, the weighted blanket from YNM is perfect for using its own or with a duvet cover. It tends to be better with the duvet, but it’s entirely up to you. Regardless, the blanket is an excellent gift for every age, primarily because it has a wide range of sizes and color options.

Considering versatility is imperative to a product like this, it’s nice knowing this blanket fulfills that role in every way. YNM guarantees its blanket ensures a relaxing night’s rest, providing a sensory calming experience for the ultimate comfort and decompression session.

Build-wise, the blanket features advanced sewing technology, guaranteeing a long-lasting, durable blanket. Though you may run into some minor issues moving the blanket around, it’s high-quality makes it worth it in this sense. Just remember to get a weight that fits your size, and you won’t run into any significant issues with this.

The weight is made from thousands of premium glass beads that create a great sense of relaxation, making the perfect blanket for those interested in the matter. Its sewn inner pockets make for perfect weight distribution, allowing the blanket to conform perfectly to your body. Remember to select a blanket that’s around ten percent of your body weight for the best experience.

Cost-wise, the blanket is exceptionally affordable and significantly under the average of a weighted blanket. Considering weighted blankets are usually much more than this price, it’s nice knowing this option is available for those looking to save a few bucks. It also appears like the blanket doesn’t have any significant low-quality points.

Negatively speaking, the blanket isn’t as soft as some other blankets besides its portability issues. Though this may result from this lower price, it’s not a huge deal when considering the other benefits of the product. Regardless, the blanket is definitely worth your time, especially if you’re looking to save a few bucks.


  • The blanket is trendy.
  • YNM is a reputable company.
  • The blanket is very affordable and under the average price of a weighted blanket.
  • It has a great overall weight to it.
  • Its sewing technology guarantees a long-lasting blanket.


  • The blanket is challenging to move around.
  • It’s not as soft as some other weighted blankets.


YNM weighted blanket reviews are imperative in the decision-making process for this specific product. As far as this specific blanket is concerned, it’s an excellent option for those looking to save a few bucks. Though the unit is challenging to move at times and isn’t as soft as some other blankets, it’s still worth the investment.

The blanket is trendy, from a reputable company, is very affordable, has a great overall weight, and superb sewing technology. Considering all of those are so crucial to a successful blanket, it’s nice to see this blanket do so well in that regard. You really can’t go wrong with this blanket, especially since it’s so affordable.

Nevertheless, rather than conclude here, below will take an in-depth look at a few critical points of weighted blankets. We’ll discuss where you can purchase a YNM weighted blanket, blanket comparisons, if weighted blankets are washable and much more. Continue reading if you hope to learn more about the subject!

YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... 46,071 Reviews $39.90

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Where to Buy YNM Weighted Blanket

Like many other weighted blanket brands, there are a lot of places you can buy a YNM weighted blanket. The most popular is Amazon. Considering Amazon has a straightforward ordering system and set-up to purchase a product, it makes sense why Amazon is ideal for ordering a blanket.

YNM Weighted Blanket vs Gravity Weighted Blanket

When comparing the YNM and Gravity weighted blankets, the main differences come down to the price and softness. Though the YNM option is significantly cheaper, the Gravity blanket is much softer and durable, hence its higher price.

Key Differences

  • YNM is much more affordable.
  • Gravity is softer and more durable.

Luna vs YNM Weighted Blanket

Another option to compare the YNM blanket to is a Luna weighted blanket. When comparing the two, both are around the same price, making them very affordable options to consider. The Luna blanket is thicker, too, while the YNM variation has more options to choose from.

Key Differences

  • Luna is a bit thicker.
  • YNM has more options to choose from.

YNM Weighted Blanket vs Quility Weighted Blanket

The last real blanket to compare the YNM option to is the Quility weighted blanket. Truthfully, there aren’t too many differences outside of their bulkiness and price. Though the Quility blanket is much bulkier, the YNM is more affordable, giving both varying pros and cons.

Key Differences

  • Quility is much bulkier.
  • YNM is more affordable

Are YNM Weighted Blankets Washable

Though YNM claims you can place the blanket on low in your washer as the directions state, you may run into some issues. Your best bet is to either purchase a duvet cover for the blanket or wash it by hand when it needs to be washed. Either way, realize you can’t wash it like a standard blanket unless you want to run into some minor issues.

How Do You Wash a YNM Weighted Blanket

Besides knowing you shouldn’t throw the blanket into a washing machine like a traditional blanket, there is a point to highlight how you should wash it. Firstly, consider buying a duvet for it, allowing you to remove the duvet and clean that when needed. Besides that, you can wash the blanket by hand with soap and water before letting it air dry.

YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... YnM 15lbs Weighted Blanket, 100% Oeko-Tex Certified... 46,071 Reviews $39.90

Last update on 2023-02-02 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API


Weighted blanket reviews are worth a person’s time, no matter what their specific interest is in the blanket. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoyed our in-depth look at this blanket from YNM. Though the blanket has some portability issues and isn’t the best comfort-wise, its affordability and ease of use make it worthwhile.

Be sure to look through our review again before making a final decision. Either way, the only true way to know if the blanket is the right answer for you is to try it out yourself. Considering its price is on the lower end of the spectrum, it’s definitely worth the investment for that reason alone.

Regardless, be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions related to the blanket, YNM, or the subject in general. Also, feel free to check out some of our other reviews to see if there is a better option for you to consider. Thank you for taking the time to read our edition on YNM Weighted Blanket reviews. We hope this blanket is