What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets used for adults and children are becoming more, and more popular by the day. This is mainly due to research and studies showing the benefits of a weighted blanket. Honestly, the days of restless nights are going to be something of the past with the increasing popularity of weighted blankets. But, weighted blankets are great and everything but what are weighted blankets? 

With a weighted blanket, it’s possible to beat insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Most people who use these blankets usually don’t face common sleeping issues. The benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children go far beyond just getting a good night’s sleep. It goes to being more productive, gaining more energy, and producing more relaxing hormones within the brain

If you’re still wondering what these blankets are and how they work, continue reading.  

The information on Namaste Blankets is intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with your healthcare professional for serious inquiries. 

namaste adult weighted blanket

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets are a weighted therapeutic tool. The blankets are a bit heavier than traditional blankets. Most weighted blankets are embedded with plastic beads, sand, or glass beads. More niche, weighted blanket producers use rice, beans, and other dry foods. We use glass bead pellets in our weighted blankets because they distribute weight the best. 

The pellets are usually put into pockets within the blanket. And when it comes to sizing, they’re big enough to cover the top of the bed and don’t hang from the sides. This is to make sure the user doesn’t feel trapped and weighed down. This is why they’re not like traditional blankets. 

The fabrics used to craft weighted blankets vary. Weighted blankets are typically crafted with cotton, bamboo, fannel, and Minky. They are soft to the touch and comfortable to curl up with at night. As you know, weighted blankets are supposed to recreate the feeling of being hugged. So, the only way to accomplish this effect, the blankets have to be soft as well. 

How Does a Weighted Blanket Work?

A weighted blanket naturally helps cure sleeping and mood issues through weighted technology. The weighted technology is called Deep Touch Pressure stimulation which is responsible for improving sleep disorders, stress within the body, and helping produce the right hormones for proper mental health. This tool is used by many occupational therapists to help treat patients ranging from hyperactive children or sleepless adults.  

All in all, weighted blankets are backed by science and prove to work for adults and children alike. The benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children do not come from a placebo effect. It’s backed by studies.

Why Would I Need a Weighted Blanket? 

We run into stress every single day. From heavy traffic and to unexpected bills. Stress is a given especially with work, school, or home life. Most of our stress is created in the sympathetic nervous system. When we’re stressed out we get into a “fight or flight” mode. During this time, our cortisol level (a.k.a our stress hormones) are increased. Since the deep pressure therapy works to reduce cortisol, the effects of the weighted blanket are stronger when less cortisol is already reduced. Using the weighted blanket daily will provide the greatest benefits. The benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children are greatest when used regularly. 

When we’re relaxed and calm, our parasympathetic nervous system started to kick in. This system helps us feel calm and produces serotonin and endorphins which are our happy hormones. During this calming state, it’s easy to melt into a couch or sink into a peaceful sleep. Weighted blankets help decrease our cortisol levels and alleviate our serotonin and endorphins hormones. 

If the body spends enough time with the sympathetic nervous system running. Our level of fatigue, anxiety, and restless nights start to cause trouble. Deep touch pressure within these blankets, works to turn off the sympathetic nervous system. Once this happens, it helps get the parasympathetic nervous system running. Once the “rest or digest” parasympathetic nervous system begins to operate in the body, our cortisol level is reduced and serotonin is produced. 

Namaste Blankets

What are the Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket? 

The benefits of weight blankets for adults and children provide relief for a wide range of alignments. 

Sleep is so important to your body’s system. Reduced cortisol levels from a weighted blanket help increase serotonin. Which, in turn, makes it easier to rest at night. When you rest better, your body’s natural functions improve. With improved serotonin levels, you will feel happier and more positive throughout the day. You won’t feel on edge or overcome with high emotions. 

The pressure provided from weighted blankets along with the comfortable fabric feels like a warm hug. The sensation eases anxiety symptoms and helps to relax the mind. With less anxiety, sleep comes with ease. When the mind is calm, it’s easy to see solutions to work problems and school assignments. Your mental performance increases dramatically. Those suffering from ADHD may see many of their symptoms improve as well.

The therapeutic effects help move your body into a calm state so you can fall asleep fast. Even the biggest insomniac can benefit from a weighted blanket. Lack of sleep can increase panic disorder symptoms. With a weighted blanket, it’s easier to fall asleep and wake up feeling less anxious. With more sleep each night, it’s possible to avoid waking in a panic.  

The brain is a complicated system. When signals don’t come in correctly, adults and children may suffer. These blankets help create a calming effect and improve the symptoms associated with sensory process disorder.   

Flare-ups can be incredibly painful for fibromyalgia sufferers. With deep pressure therapy, flare-ups are preventable. Instead of suffering from high pain levels, you can rest without needing to worry about the next flare-up.   

Those who have served their country may experience extreme anxiety and other PTSD symptoms. The warmth of the blanket and the science-backed technology helps calm their mind and reduce symptoms. Anxiety, irritability, and paranoia are all reduced.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

To experience the benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children, the weighted blanket should be between 10 to 12 percent of the body weight. If the blanket is too heavy, it can be detrimental and reverse the positive effects of a weighted blanket. If the blanket is too light, you will likely not experience many of the wonderful benefits mentioned above. This is why it’s important to choose the right weighted blanket for your needs. 

namaste adult weighted blanket


If you are ready to unlock the benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children, Namaste Blankets has the blankets you need. Blankets are available in individual sizes and couple sizes. With weights ranging from seven to 25 pounds, it’s easy to find the blanket that will best serve you. We even offer duvet covers so you can replace your typical comforter with a duvet covered weighted blanket. Fall to sleep faster than ever before and fully enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets for adults and children. 

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