How a Weighted Blanket Makes You 10x More Productive

Productivity has become one of humans’ greatest obsessions. Once we decided to stay put and build our society around our agriculture, it was all over. Being productive was the name of the game. Hunters and gatherers put down their baskets and picked up tools to till and work the soil.

It remained that way until the Industrial Revolution, which splintered the productive workforce into various directions – held together by one thing: the ever-lasting hunger for greater productivity. Look at your newsfeed today. It’s full. Your newsfeed is filled with articles on increasing performance (job, personal), and we decided our greatest contributions could and would be monetized.

Ironically, all of this productivity has lead to quantity, not quality. Namaste Blankets are here to save that – with a blanket, and with a blog.

Looking to be more productive? Read below:

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given at Namaste Blankets are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

namaste adult weighted blanket

1. Help Control Your Sensory Processing Disorder

What is SPD? It refers to the brain’s inability to correctly render what it senses (touches, hears, etc.)

Imagine being unable to understand why color is what it is – or the name for that color. Imagine not being able to go to the mall because the sound of the pedestrian traffic drives you mad. 

How could someone with this affliction work in an office much less just the outside world?

If you or someone you know suffers from this, you understand it impedes productivity. All of the effort reserved for production becomes allocated to “just getting by”.

Sleep is the antidote for this extremely serious disorder. 

Sleep is the vehicle that delivers a decrease in SPD, and a weighted blanket is its engine. The security provided by the blanket creates a deeper, more calming sleep, leaving awakened You and-or your loved one more energized, and more productive.

Wouldn’t that be a dream?

2. Drop Stress & Anxiety

Decrease stress and anxiety, and increase productivity. Easier said than done. The good news is, there is a lot to be done. Psychotherapy mixed with prescribed medications is a proven method of living a normal life, leaving you mental space to use on productivity, on the tasks at hand.

Stress, much like SPD, can jumble your brain and lead to ineffective work. Stress is also only a leap from full-blown anxiety, at which point you’re missing work, meaning your primary system of production. In reality, stress & anxiety are two of the top offenders to North American mental health. This pair, along with Major Depression Disorder, are gaining quickly on American staple issues such as heart disease – and that’s serious.

Think of how many of your grandparents or distant cousins or great uncles and aunts have suffered or do suffer from heart disease. I’m guessing it’s a lot. In twenty years’ time, you’ll still hear about your grandparents’ regular afflictions, but in addition to heart disease and Alzheimer’s, you’ll hear about anxiety with a capital “a” and depression with a capital “d”.

Comfort is key. Grab a weighted blanket, get comfortable, and get yourself in a position capable of change. Manage your head, master your productivity.

Namaste Blankets

3. Sleep Quality

Mastering sleep quality is mastering productivity. Consider your “going to sleep” routine. What does it look like? Maybe you flip off the TV, head to the bathroom, brush your teeth, floss, and get under the covers – and then watch about an hour more of TV on your laptop or scroll through Instagram.

Sound familiar? That’s okay. I have a gut feeling this is common. But it’s not okay for you to do it all the time. There are plenty of tips surfacing online for how to get a night of better sleep, and a lot of them begin and end with “shutting off”, a reference to shutting off the technology with which you surround yourself and getting more of an organic nighttime routine.

Something I do is I only download Instagram on the weekends so that my days at work are fueled by a good sleep uninterrupted by the undying light of my phone screen. Sleep is an integral part not just of your night but of your day. The better you sleep, the more prepared you are for the day’s trials and tribulations. No one likes to be bleary-eyed heading to work. We want to “attack” the day. Grab the bull by its horns. Do that by sleeping well. It’s a conquistador’s secret weapon.

4. Insomnia

Insomnia, the “Joker” to Sleep Quality’s “Batman”. Ironically, insomnia is a master of disguise. It can disguise itself as a symptom of something else. Can’t find a good sleeping position? It must be your back, it’s not insomnia. Can’t find the right temperature in the room? Is it too bright outside? 

All of these environmental factors may legitimately be the reason someone has trouble sleeping, but it’s arguably just as likely that they are symptoms of Insomnia. Furthermore, insomnia can also masquerade as the “early morning riser” trait of a person. My dad is a well known early riser, typically waking at 5 am. The thing is, he wants to do that. He likes it. He can get online, read the news, check his investments – it makes sense.

If my dad wanted to go back to sleep after waking around 5 am and couldn’t, that could be a symptom of insomnia. One key to fighting insomnia? A weighted blanket. Sheets are often a major culprit for poor sleep. They’re too twisty, small, large, light; a weighted blanket is a studied sleeping agent.

Trust it.

namaste adult weighted blanket

5. OCD

OCD is not to be trusted. It brings your anxiety up, and up, and up, and up until it manifests itself in actual physical patterns. These patterns permeate your normal daily routine like a parasite until the parasite is in control. Simply put, it’s a nightmare, no matter how badly this disorder afflicts you. How to get it “under wraps”, so to speak?

Simple, a weighted blanket. With a weighted blanket, you head anxiety off at the pass. Bringing the weight on top of you as you slip into bed (immediately), versus just praying or hoping away the anxiety will make a massive difference towards curbing the insidious thoughts that lead to OCD. 

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