Weighted Blanket for Pain

Those who suffer from constant or chronic pain also experience other unwanted conditions. One of the most common is a lack of proper sleep. The pain not only keeps people awake, but also increases stress and anxiety levels which makes it even more difficult to fall asleep properly. Taking sleep medication may interfere with their pain medication, which is why using a weighted blanket for pain may be the answer.

But are weighted blankets good for chronic pain? The answer starts with choosing a high-quality weighted blanket from a trusted manufacturer such as Namaste.

Weighted Blanket For Anxiety and Insomnia

What is a Namaste Weighted Blanket?

For over a decade Namaste has been creating weighted blankets for those who suffer from a wide variety of conditions which include chronic pain. Namaste has managed to make a name for itself in the creation of a weighted blanket for back pain and other types of chronic pain to help people fall asleep.

Namaste uses a combination of glass beads for the weights and 100% organic cotton for maximum comfort. The high-quality of the weighted blankets come in different sizes and are priced competitively to fit your budget. But understanding why you need a weighted blanket for your chronic pain starts with how the deep touch pressure works on the body.

How it Works

One natural way to combat the effects of pain is providing deep touch pressure evenly across the body. As some studies indicate, the use of a weighted blanket helps release serotonin in the body which in turn trigger melatonin which helps people to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The deep touch pressure does more than simply release the right elements in the body. It also provides a feeling of safety and security which helps take your mind off the pain and fall asleep faster. It is the combination of the physical and psychological effects that make a weighted blanket a great addition to helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Weighted Blanket For Anxiety and Insomnia
Weighted Blanket For Anxiety and Insomnia

Why Get a Namaste Blanket?

There are good reasons why Namaste is the name to choose when selecting a weighted blanket for pain. First and foremost, Namaste uses glass beads instead of plastic or sand pellets which do not provide the fill deep touch pressure effect. By wrapping the beads in comfortable 100% organic cotton, a Namaste weighted blanket for back pain or other types of pain works quite well. Other reasons why Namaste is the company of choice includes the following.

  • 60-Night Return Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Fast Delivery Options
  • Different Sizes for Adults and Kids

Final Thoughts

Add to this the over decade of experience that Namaste has in creating weighted blankets for pain and you have all the reasons needed to give the company a try. If you are looking to get a better night’s sleep, then you can start by choosing one of the different sizes of weighted blankets by Namaste, one of the leaders in the creation of high-quality products that help you fall asleep faster.

Weighted Blanket For Anxiety and Insomnia
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