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The Best Weighted Blanket for Kids? (And Do They Help?) [FEB 2021 Update]

Have you been searching for a weighted blanket for kids? Maybe you are interested in purchasing one, but you aren’t sure whether they are worth the money? Well, we are going to go through some of the key benefits and product features of some of our weighted blankets that are designed specifically with kids in mind!

We will cover which size you will need, what health benefits you are likely to see and whether you will finally get a good night’s sleep (spoiler alert, you will!). Read on and find out all you need to know about these blankets.

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given at Namaste Blankets are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice for a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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The Kids Weighted Blanket – The Low Down

Choosing a weighted blanket can be a bit of a minefield, but when it comes to choosing one for your child you want to be sure you are buying the right product. The features and benefits to these blankets are a crucial part of them being effective, so it’s important you get it right.

The weighted blanket for kids is a quality product that will stand the test of time, something that is very important when trying to withstand the rigours of childhood. The supple cotton outer will feel soft on your child’s skin and won’t irritate anyone with sensory issues. While the weight of the blanket will give enough pressure on your child’s body that it will make them feel like they are wrapped in a great big hug.

Available in a range of sizes and weights, each blanket can be accessorized with a funky patterned cover that your child will love!

Main Features

  • Available for children from as light as 40lbs.
  • Durable outer layer
  • Available in grey or blue
  • Leakproof layers
  • Non-toxic glass bead filling

What Are Weighted Blankets For Children Used For?

You might be looking for a weighted blanket for your child because you have heard that they will help them to sleep, which thankfully they will! But did you know that there are many more benefits to using a weighted blanket?

Originally designed for children that are on the autistic spectrum, these blankets are now used by so many parents to help combat sleep issues, behavioural issues and sensory issues too.

When wrapped around a child, gives them a feeling of being hugged or grounded. This feeling is so beneficial when they are having a meltdown, are suffering from sensory overload or when they need their muscles to relax and calm down.

A weighted blanket for kids can be especially useful when it comes to sensory processing disorder. This disorder can confuse communication in a child’s brain which makes them unaware of which sense is feeling what. Children with proprioceptive sensory processing disorder will particularly benefit from a weighted blanket as they need to feel the weight on their limbs in order for their brains to compute what their limbs are doing.

Another key area that these weighted blankets for kids are helpful for is sustained sleep. By laying under one of these blankets, their bodies and muscles start to relax. The constant pressure helps trick their bodies into becoming contentedly relaxed and calm, thereby lulling them off into a peaceful night’s sleep.

Here’s a summary of the benefits

  • Help get your child off to sleep.
  • Helps calm your child down.
  • Makes your child feel like they are being hugged.
  • Will encourage your child to stay asleep.
  • Soft on their skin so doesn’t aggravate any sensory issues.
  • Helps regulate highly strung emotions.

How To Pick The Right Sized Blanket

The weighted blanket for kids comes in varying sizes so you will be able to find one to fit your child. The smallest of the blankets work well for children under 5 while the larger sizes can be suitable for anyone up to the teen years.

It is important to get the right-sized blanket for your child that covers them from their shoulders to their toes. You don’t want them waking up with chilly feet in the night and you want to make sure that the blanket covers their whole body (but not their heads) so that the pressure can be felt over all of them.

We recommend that if you are looking to replace your child’s bedspread with a weighted blanket for kids then you may want to go a size up. This is to create a drape on either side of the bed so that it applies pressure evenly across the bed.

How To Pick the Right Weighted Blanket

There is an easy way to tell which weight blanket to choose for your child. You simply need to work out 10-12% of their body weight and then round it down to the nearest weight option. For example, if your child weighs 54lbs the 10% of that will be 5.4lbs, rounding that down you will choose the 5lb weight blanket.

NEVER be tempted to round up to a heavier blanket because the extra weight that even 1lb too many can put on your child’s growing body can create problems for the future that they don’t need.

Also remember that going for a blanket that is too heavy for them will mean that they won’t be able to lift the blanket or wrap it around themselves, thereby eliminating the ability to use it to self soothe.

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All in all, we hope that you now have enough information on the weighted blanket for kids that you will see how great addition it will be for your child and for your home. Don’t forget that by using a weighted blanket cover, you can change the design of your child’s blanket to suit them. They might be a huge fan of owls or you may want to buy a cover in their favourite colour?

Who knows, once you see how happy and content your child has become with their weighted blanket for kids, you might want to buy one for yourself!