Weighted Blanket For Couples

Best Weighted Blanket For Couples [+3 Extraordinary Tips]

Of the many things, couples will face together, especially when they want to get a good night’s sleep is being relaxed, comfortable, and ready for high-quality slumber. Unfortunately, many couples do not get the sleep they deserve for a number of reasons. This is where a weighted blanket for couples comes into play. No matter where you live or what relationship you’re in, for the most part, couples spend a lot of time together.

Walking to the park, taking long drives, cooking together, and countless other activities involve couples spending time together. This is especially the case for couples who live together. As soon as the two of you wake up, you’re immediately in each other’s presence, which is a significant part of living together for couples.

We all know how important sleep and comfortability are at night for couples to properly thrive together. Not sleeping properly or having stressful nights can lead to an unhealthy relationship or worsened moods, which should always be avoided. Luckily, like most issues in life, there are a ton of modern solutions available to help individuals and couples get better sleep, help anxiety relief, promote happiness, and much more.

Of these solutions, weighted blankets have increased in popularity amongst couples for a variety of reasons. With this in mind, some of you might be searching for a weighted blanket for couples.

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The science and reality of the benefits behind weighted blankets are difficult to ignore, which is why it’s always in a couple’s best interest to buy one. Even couples who don’t live together, more than likely spend nights together, which is more than enough reason to buy a weighted blanket. You never know just how useful and positive a particular product like this can be toward the two of you.

With this subject in mind, we’re going to take an in-depth look at weighted blankets, especially those geared for couples. We’ll discuss what to be aware of, the best option for couples, how heavy one should be, and much more. Let’s get started!

Weighted Blanket for Couples

A lot of you might be wondering why they’re so useful for couples when it comes to weighted blankets. Before we go over exactly why they’re great for couples, it’s essential to discuss the benefits tied to individuals using one. Since relationships thrive on each person’s happiness, having something that is clearly a benefit for an individual will lead to a happy relationship.

For starters, weighted blankets are great for anxiety relief, PTSD symptom relief, more profound and better sleep, and much more. There’s not an avenue of relief that isn’t worth highlighting from a weighted blanket. A lot of these benefits have to do with the pressure sense given from a weighted blanket. It promotes a state of relaxation that is useful for an endless amount of issues.

As for why a weighted blanket is ideal for couples has to do with a variety of reasons. Let’s go over why they’re so beneficial for couples:

Blanket Use

As some of you might know, couples sometimes tussle around at night while they’re sleeping over bed space and blanket use. Since a weighted blanket is heavy, it makes it harder and less likely for someone in a relationship to accidentally steal the blanket at night. Although this might seem unnecessary at first, as the two of you spend more nights together, you’ll understand how important it is to be comfortable at night.

Promotes Better Sleep for Couples

Just like individuals need to have better sleep, couples need to have the right amount and healthy sleep together. Not having enough sleep can cause couples to fight, be moody, and have an all-around worse day as a result. Not to mention the countless health consequences tied to not getting enough sleep. It’s a no-brainer for couples to utilize a product that enhances sleep performance and quality.

Relaxes Couples

Similar to getting enough sleep, having the right mindset is crucial for a healthy and happy relationship. Weighted blankets have been proven to create a state of relaxation, and every person, let alone a couple, needs to have the appropriate amount of time to relax. Not getting the right amount of time to ease your mind correctly can lead to further issues down the line. It’s always a good idea to have something that’ll calm you down, especially at night.

Best Weighted Blanket for Couples

Now that we’ve discussed the apparent benefits and what a weighted blanket for couples entails, let’s go over the best variation for couples. Generally speaking, a couple should seek out one that is large enough and has a material that isn’t an annoyance to either person. Although most people won’t find an issue with a weighted blanket, finding one that’ll suit both participants’ needs is essential.

Organic and semi-organic material tends to be most sufficient for a person’s or couple’s comfort. Organic and semi-organic material provides a somewhat cooling factor that is ideal for weighted blankets since added weight might make someone feel a bit warm. Feeling warm isn’t always the case with weighted blankets, but it’s worth noting.

However, don’t let this sway the two of you from deciding on a weighted blanket. Just about every kind of blanket makes people feel warm, so don’t look too much into the weighted blanket’s heat factor. Their functionality is targeted toward the endless benefits they offer, not necessarily how warm they can be.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be for a Couple?

Whether you’re aware of it or not, weighted blankets come in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to weight, most places offer an abundance of weight options for their weighted blankets. This makes sense since every person has a different weight requirement when it comes to what they can and can’t handle.

As for a couple, you’ll have to consider what each partner can deal with and if it’s viable for the two of you. If one of you is stronger than the other, it obviously won’t make sense to get the most substantial weight possible. Yes, you shouldn’t get the lightest weight to better fit the weaker person, but meeting somewhere in the middle seems to be the best option for couples.

If there’s a significant discrepancy in weight between the two of you, it’ll be most useful to buy two smaller weighted blankets for each of you. For the most part, specially designed weighted blankets for couples will get the job done perfectly.

Usually, weighted blankets have a range of weights to select from, so make sure you choose one that’s most suitable for you two to feel the effects of one. Use the weight options of a weighted blanket as a resemblance of your two’s weight. If you’re both on the lower spectrum of weight, then look at the two lightest options for one. Whereas on the other end, look at the two most burdensome options for one.

How Does It Work?

The small weights inside the blanket act in a way similar to how swaddling cloths calm babies and allow them to sleep in greater comfort. The blanket offers at least two potent effects when used nightly.

Deep Touch Pressure: The pressure not only provides a calming presence but helps the body release serotonin, a hormone that reduces the feelings of anxiety and stress. The additional serotonin in the system helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Calming Effect: For couples, the tossing and turning of their partners and the anxiety that brings often causes a poor night’s sleep. The presence of the weighted blanket helps to reduce those feelings so they can focus on their own situation which in turn creates a calming effect.

How to Choose a Weighted Blanket for a Couple?

Choosing the right weight blanket for you and your significant other might seem like a daunting task, but it’s not. Realize what weight the two of you can handle, look for reviews, and pick out one that seems most fitting. Usually, products with good reviews, high-quality manufacturing, and a wide range of options seem to be best fitted for a couple.

Just make sure you take the proper time necessary to go through all of the options available. Not doing so may cause you to rush into a variation of the product that isn’t suited for you two. You don’t have to spend weeks researching which weighted blanket option is best for you, but you’ll find the right solution.

Remember to keep factors such as your guy’s own weight and length, bed length, and material preference. Although bed length, weight, and height vary from person to person, organic and semi-organic materials seem to be agreed upon as the best option for weighted blankets. Remember to keep that in mind.

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King Size Weighted Blanket for Couples

No matter your size, generally speaking, a couple needs a large weighted blanket to effectively use it. Having one that’s too small will only benefit one person in the relationship, which can be a huge negative on the couple. Plus, it’s always better to have a blanket that’s too big than it is to have one that’s too small.

A blanket like this from Namaste Blankets is a king-size 80” by 87” weighted blanket that’s perfect for couples. Plus, the material is organic and uses glass beads as it’s weight, which is the best variation for the weight of one.

Other features include being leak-proof, 2-layer protection, lead-free, eco-friendly, fair-trade certification, and it’s hypo-allergenic. All of these features are an added bonus on top of its perfect size for couples.

What You Should Know About Weighted Blankets

Before we conclude, there are a few other factors to discuss when it comes to weighted blankets for couples. Many of you might be wondering why you should consider buying a weighted blanket or precisely what a weighted blanket is.

For those of you that don’t know, a weighted blanket is a blanket that has added weight to it. The material of one varies from company to company, but it’s usually a variation of polyester, cotton, fleece, and chenille.

Similar to the material of one, the weight varies from product to product. Not only with how heavy it is, but what the actual weight is. You can find pellets, weighted discs, or glass beads as the weighted blanket’s weight.

The overall sensation from a weighted blanket is the main component as to how people receive benefits from one in comparison to a standard blanket. Think of it as being similar to the comfort of another human being. As introverted as some of you might be, humans have an overall calmness when it comes to a relaxed state invoked by others.

Benefits of a weighted blanket include better sleep, insomnia relief, anxiety relief, PTSD relief, and much more. With all of these factors in mind, it can enhance the overall mindset of a person’s or couple’s day-to-day life. Let’s go over a few other areas you should know:

How a Weighted Blanket is Useful for Couples

As mentioned right above, the benefits tied to a weighted blanket is challenging to ignore. Not only are these benefits useful for individuals, but they play a significant role for couples. The happier and calmer a person feels, the better their relationship tends to be. Whenever someone feels anxious, upset, or overwhelmed, they more than likely bring about issues in their relationship.

That’s how a weighted blanket is useful for couples. It’ll make each person in the relationship have an overall better mindset and less anxiety, leading to a happier and healthier relationship. No matter how great someone’s relationship is, couples can get on each other’s nerves from time to time. Thus, why it’s so crucial for them to utilize a product like a weighted blanket.

Why Couples Use Weighted Blankets

Besides the benefits entailed in a weighted blanket, couples are using them because of the vast knowledge surrounding them that continues to grow. The benefits keep growing, so why wouldn’t a couple try one out?

For the most part, it’s always a good idea to try out new and exciting products as an individual and as a relationship. You’ll never know how beneficial it can be on the two of you until you try one out.

What to Look For in Weighted Blankets as a Couple

Generally speaking, aspects like material, size, and reputation should play a huge role in a weighted blanket perfect for you two. The budget of one also plays a factor, but you should never cheap out when it comes to a weighted blanket.

With all of these factors in mind, Namaste’s weighted blanket is the perfect option for couples. It has all of the size options, weight options, proper material, and a list of benefits tied to high-quality weighted blankets.

Why Namaste Blankets and Not Other Competitors?

There are good reasons why the Namaste brand is the best weighted blanket for couples. This is especially true if getting a good night’s sleep has become problematic. The reasons why Namaste stands out from the rest include the following.

  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • 60-Night Return Policy
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Fast Delivery Options
  • Available for Adults and Children

The Namaste weighted blanket should be considered due to the use of glass bead technology. This is superior compared to plastic and sand pellets because it provides better weight distribution combined with high-quality, long-lasting materials. This means that your Namaste weighted blanket will work today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

The last reason why you should consider a Namaste weighted blanket is experience. Our manufacturers have more than 10 years of experience.  We focus on creating exceptional weighted blankets for couples, people who suffer from certain conditions, and those who simply want a better night’s sleep.

The right weighted blanket for couples can be found at Namaste blankets, who offers a durable, comfortable, long-lasting, and effective weighted blanket for couples at a low, competitive price.

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Hopefully, you were able to get a deeper understanding of a weighted blanket for couples. They’re extremely useful for various reasons, but don’t just take my word for it. Check one out here for you and your partner, and see how it’ll enhance both of your lives.

There is evidence to show that sleeping under a weighted blanket works for couples. This is particularly true for those who may suffer from certain conditions that prevent getting a good night’s sleep. Over the past few years, the studies which have been performed on the use of weighted blankets show that they offer benefits that can be useful to a wide range of people. And that includes couples looking for a good night’s sleep.

Understanding how heavy a weighted blanket should be for a couple of starts by calculating 10-12% of the bodyweight of the lighter partner. So, if you weigh 200 pounds and your partner weighs 130 pounds, the blanket should weigh 13-15 pounds rounded down to the nearest available weight. If that does not work, you can go up in weight, but it is advised that you do not exceed 20%.