Weighted Blanket for ADHD

For those who suffer from ADHD and the parents of children who have ADHD, getting a good night’s sleep can be difficult. The symptoms of ADHD in effect short circuit the natural process of relaxation needed to properly fall asleep. Although there are many treatments available for this condition, one of the more interesting is the Namaste weighted blanket for ADHD.

What is a Namaste Weighted Blanket?

These are blankets that contain glass beads inside the layers. The beads are evenly spread to provide weight to the blanket. The result is similar to what a swaddling cloth does for babies. It makes them feel safe and secure under the blanket, so they can rest easier.

Weighted blankets have been used to help treat the symptoms of several conditions that interferes with getting a good night’s sleep. The ADHD blanket is one that provides a simple, natural solution that helps activate the body’s own resources to assist in falling asleep.

How It Works

Weighted blankets for ADHD work on several levels, but primarily they help to reduce the hyperactive movements that keep people from falling asleep. They also increase attention, which means that random thoughts or switching from one focus to another is reduced. This allows for greater relaxation, so you can fall asleep faster. There are other advantages as well.

Deep Pressure Touch: The even pressure across the body releases serotonin into the system. This is a hormone that causes relaxation to occur. For those who suffer from ADHD, this can be quite beneficial in allowing the mind and body to relax and fall asleep.

Organic Cotton: An important element in a weighted blanket for ADHD is having comfortable fabric that allows the body to breathe. Organic cotton is strong, durable, comfortable, and quite breathable which means that the body maintains an even temperature.

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Why Choose a Namaste Weighted Blanket?

There are good reasons why a Namaste weighted blanket for ADHD works to help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

  • Over 10 Years of Experience: Namaste is a leader in weighted blanket creation
  • 100% Organic Cotton: Comfortable, soothing fabric that lets your body breathe
  • Glass-Bead Technology: Superior to sand pellets or plastic weights that can slip
  • Kids and Adult Sizes: The proper sizes and weights for children and adults available
  • 60-Night Return Policy: If not satisfied, return within 60 nights
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Answers your questions, addresses your needs quickly
  • Fast Delivery Options: Get the relief you need quickly with fast delivery

Final Words

A Namaste weighted blanket for ADHD may provide the relief needed to help get a good night’s sleep. The many benefits that the blanket offers provides those who suffer from ADHD a way to calm and relax the body and mind to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

The result is quite remarkable as some studies have shown. This is why a weighed blanket for ADHD has been developed by Namaste Blankets.

Namaste weighted blankets for ADHD provide 100% organic cotton which offers comfort while the weights in the blanket provide the deep touch pressure. 

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