Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Amazon Review

The Ultimate Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Amazon Review

Introduction to the Weighted Blanket from Hypnoser

Throughout our lives, countless issues plague us from time to time. Whether you’re discussing anxiety, stress, or insomnia, these are issues that no one deserves to deal with. Thankfully, there are plenty of products that address these issues, including weighted blankets. As a result, many are interested in a Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Amazon review.

Reviews like this are great for highlighting the specifics of a product and if it’s worth your investment or not. Considering there are so many products available in this particular area, it’s nice knowing there is such an extensive sum of information online available for us to digest.

Still, like anything else, you must find the right product for this particular subject. Though there are plenty of great weighted blankets, one can assume there are an equal number of lousy blankets. As a result, this review will help you decide if this blanket is worth your time or not.

Nevertheless, below will discuss Hypnoser’s background information, the blanket’s pros, cons, and our overall verdict. We’ll go from there to discuss plenty of other information related to the subject. By the end, you’ll know if this blanket is worth your time and some crucial info tied to the matter.

Let’s get started with our review!

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Hypnoser Background Information

Many Hypnoser reviews forget to discuss the company before diving headfirst into the product. For those who don’t know, Hypnoser specializes in weighted blankets, with the product being all it offers for sale. It’s nice knowing Hypnoser strictly focuses on weighted blankets since there are so many companies that sell blankets but as a side product rather than their primary focus.

Hypnoser began after realizing how effective a weighted blanket is at helping people with sensory disorders. Finding a natural cure and aid in an area like this is highly beneficial, especially when considering how many people have to deal with a sensory disorder of some kind.

The company has the primary goal of bringing joy and peace to as many people as possible. Considering so many companies over-focus their products rather thanan actuale mission statement, it’s refreshing seeing Hypnoser have such good intentions. Regardless, how does this weighted blanket hold up? Let’s see!

Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Review

Right off the bat, with this weighted blanket, you’ll notice how affordable it is. If you didn’t know, weighted blankets tend to be around $100. Thankfully, this unit is much more affordable, and despite its lower price, it doesn’t appear to have any significant quality issues.

Hypnoser promises to offer a customer-first product, which certainly fulfills that role. The product is dedicated to giving users the most excellent sleep, making it an ideal gift for anyone. It also does a great job at preventing leakage from the weight due to its ultra-premium, and precision computer programmed sewing method.

Every blanket is made to perfection with its design, with small diamond pockets (4” by 4”), the glass beads are evenly distributed throughout your body for optimal use. It creates excellent mental and physical well-being, giving you a sense of relaxation you usually wouldn’t obtain without the banket.

The blanket’s most significant advantage is its noise-free capabilities. Many weighted blankets are overly noisy due to the added weight, but this blanket somehow manages to avoid that issue. From a quality perspective, the blanket is soft and breathable, primarily because of its natural material.

The blanket does an excellent job providing warmth and comfort for sleep, similar to a hug. If you need some calmness in life, this blanket is ideal with what it does in that specific area. Remember to pick a blanket that’s roughly ten percent of your body weight for the best results.

Negatively speaking, the blanket’s most significant issue comes down to its weight and color options. Unlike many other weighted blankets, there is only one color option available and four different weight options available. Though, if you don’t mind the gray color and there’s a weight option that fits you, you’ll be surprised with how solid the blanket is.


  • The weighted blanket is exceptionally affordable.
  • Hypnoser appears as a genuine company that cares about its products.
  • It provides warmth and comfort for sleep.
  • It’s shockingly noise-free when compared to other weighted blankets.


  • The blanket has limited weight options.
  • It only comes in one color.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Amazon review. Though the blanket is disappointing in size and color options, its low price and shockingly high-quality build make it worth an investment. You can’t go wrong with a blanket at that price.

Besides its affordability, the blanket is from a genuine company, provides excellent warmth and comfort, and has excellent noise-free capabilities. However, if the blanket doesn’t have an appropriate weight for your size, consider checking out some of our other reviews for a blanket that’s more versatile in that sense.

Nevertheless, rather than conclude here, below will feature an in-depth look at other information tied to the subject. We’ll discuss some washing instructions for a blanket like this, how heavy your blanket should be, why the blankets are expensive, and much more. Let’s take a look!

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Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Washing Instructions

Unlike many other weighted blankets, the Hypnoser blanket can be washed in a low, gentle setting. Only do this if you’re confident your washing machine isn’t too powerful and has that specific setting. However, it’s even more ideal if you can dry clean or hand-wash to get them clean.

Begin the handwashing process by wetting a towel with soap and rubbing it along the blanket. Once the entire blanket is rubbed, get another towel with just water and scrub it until the blanket doesn’t have any more soap.

Leave it out to dry, and once it’s dry, use it as you would with any other blanket. You can also get a duvet for it, allowing you to just wash the duvet instead of the entire blanket.

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

As noted, a weighted blanket should be around ten percent of your body weight. People who are more accustomed to weight lifting can go a bit larger, but it’s not recommended to go much further than 12 percent. People who aren’t accustomed to weight lifting can go as low as seven percent of their body weight.

Every expert varies with what they recommend for the best weight. Regardless, it’s up to you in the decision-making process to see what’ll fit you the best. You have to be honest with yourself and trust the recommendation to not go too heavy with the blanket. Using a weighted blanket that’s too heavy can end up doing more harm than good.

Why are Weighted Blankets so Expensive?

Besides knowing how beneficial a weighted blanket is, many people wonder why they’re so expensive. Truthfully, weighted blankets are expensive due to the higher quality of the material required to make them. Unlike a traditional blanket, a weighted blanket needs to be thick and heavy enough to carry the additional weight, creating a higher cost.

What is Inside a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets vary significantly with what’s inside. The blanket is usually made from cotton, linen, flannel, bamboo, and rayon, while the weight is usually derived from beads, sand, pebbles, or grains. Every company varies with what they use to make the blankets, with pros and cons to each.

At What Age Can You Use a Weighted Blanket?

Children under two years old should never be around a weighted blanket, making the minimum age around two. However, it may be more ideal to up the age to when your child is more self-aware, usually around eight.

It’s up to you when your child can use a weighted blanket, with it being heavily dependent on their maturity. Just remember to get them a blanket that’s meant for their age and size. If you try forcing a weighted blanket that’s not meant for them, you may cause harm to your child, which should always be avoided.

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We hope you enjoyed our review of this weighted blanket. Be sure to look through our review again to help you with the blanket’s final decision process. Though the unit isn’t versatile with its weight and color, its price makes it worthwhile to consider for that reason alone.

Besides its price, the blanket is from a highly reputable and worthwhile company in Hypnoser. The blanket does a great job at relieving anxiety and stress due to its natural warmth and comfort for sleep. It’s everything you could want in a blanket, meaning you can ignore its few flaws without a problem.

Nevertheless, leave a comment below if you have any questions about the blanket, our review, Hypnoser, or anything tied to the subject. Also, consider checking out some of our other reviews to see if another weighted blanket may fit your preference. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read our Hypnoser Weighted Blanket Amazon review; we hope you enjoy the blanket!