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The weighted blanket for kids is where science meets quality. The feeling of pressure against the body relaxes and calms children with maximum comfort.

Deep pressure takes action and alleviates anxiety on the nervous system which helps with insomnia, autism, ADHD, and many other known disorders. It is safe for children and has plenty of benefits. Grab a blanket today!

It’s recommended to choose a weighted blanket that’s around 10-12% of your child’s body weight to provide optimal sleep. Our weighted blankets for kids are certified to be child-friendly.

Important Note: It is important to remember that our weighted blankets only cover the top of the bed. This is for safety purposes. Having extra weight hang off the edges of your child’s bed, due to gravity, can give them a feeling of being trapped and not hugged. Plus, these are not regular blankets, these are therapeutic tools.  You can always measure your child’s bed to see how the blankets would lay. This blanket should only cover the top of their bed and never hang over the edges.


Glass Pellets: Each blanket has glass pellets that are odorless, non-toxic, sculpted to provide a luxury feel to the blanket.

100% Cotton:  These weighted blankets for kids are 100% cotton. Your child will be soothed in comfort all night long. No more twisting and turning in the middle of the night.

Premium Quality Sewing: The tight stitching of every blanket guarantees durability. The relief of having your child ruin their blanket is something of the past.

Durability: The strong steam and tech stitching are 100% child-friendly. High quality, strong and most importantly, reliable.

Sizes: You can choose a 5lbs, 7lbs, and 10lbs. Furthermore, 36 x 48 inches, 41 x 60 inch and 48 x 72 inch

The Difference

Namaste Weighted Blanket for Kids Generic Weighted Blankets
Glass Beads Technology 
2-Layer Protection
Fair-Trade Certified 


Kid-Friendly: Each blanket is certified and cleared for child use.

Delicate and light: Even though these blankets are weighted, they’re light each to make them safe but heavy enough to make them effective.

Improved Sleep: The weighted blanket for kids stimulates a calming effect that helps kids sleep great, heal faster, and help cognitive ability.

Fights Insomnia: They’ll experience an improvement in their sleep quality. Many reported testimonies and studies have concluded that weighted blankets help patients with insomnia.

Reduces Anxiety: The deep pressure stimulates your child’s nervous system, lowers their level of anxiety and recreates a hug-like feeling to help put them at ease when stressed.

Fights ADHD in Kids: These amazing blankets are known to be a child’s best friend. These weighted blankets help to reduce the symptoms of ADHD thus improving their focus.

Helps with Autism: Many sleep studies have shown kids with autism showed reductions in stress when using a weighted blanket. Many of these interviews, the parents of these amazing children have said that they saw an improvement in their children’s condition when using a weighted blanket.

Shipping time

Processing time: We request 1-2 business days to complete processing your order. We’ll provide you with a tracking code once processing is complete.

Shipping: We ship all weighted blankets for kids – free of charge! Once your order has been processed and confirmed by our warehouse we ship your order. We request 5-7 days for your order to arrive at your address.


Returns: If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you’re eligible for a return within 60-days. Simply contact us via. email or contact page and explain the issue. We’ll reply back to your request within 24-hours.


Disclaimer: The benefits of a weighted blanket listed under this product is not intended to be substituted for medical advice. All benefits listed have been reports from past customers, reports, and studies. We advise talking to your doctor or healthcare provider before undertaking any type of therapy or treatment.


5lbs, 7lbs, 10lbs


Small (36" x 48"), Large (41" x 60")

Duvet Cover

None, Dark Grey, Dark Navy

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My son loves his blanket
Almost magic! My Austistic son calmed down immediately!
My son carries it around everywhere
Incredible item. My was a little on the heavier side.
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