NamastePro™ Weighted Lap Pads

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The Namaste™ weighted lap pads help your kids stay calm, focused, and less anxious everywhere they go. This means less embarrassing public outbursts and a more peaceful environment at home. We understand that children can be very hyperactive while they’re at school as well. Get them the gift that’s safe, comforting, and their own personal calming buddy. Get your weighted lap pad today!

Namaste™ weighted lap pads are often used in classrooms to provide children some sensory input and help children of all ages find calm. Parents and preschool teachers alike find Namaste weighted lap pads very useful when it comes to keeping children relaxed, attentive and comfortable in their seats. Adults who use our full-sized weighted blankets at home can definitely find similar benefits in these weighted lap pads while they travel or on the go. Not only are they extremely comfortable and effective, but very discreet and portable for the workplace.


  • Light-Weight: A completely portable weighted lap pad children and adults can bring anywhere. A great small pad you can use at school, on flights, or at home. Light enough to carry around, heavy enough to be effective
  • Unique Kid-Friendly Designs: Attractive designs that will cultivate the interest of children to use frequently
  • Easy to Clean: Easy to wash materials that won’t fall apart within the washing machine
  • Anxiety Reducing: When the child is upset, help the child reduce stress and feel relaxed
  • Comfortable Touch: The weight of the lap pad will give the child a sense of security

Features & Specifications

  • Soft Minky polyester fabric
  • One side of the pad is a smooth design, the other side is dotted with soft Minky fabric
  • 36x56cm 1KG

Shipping time

Processing Time: We request 1-2 business days to complete processing your order. We’ll provide you with a tracking code once processing is complete.

Shipping: We ship all weighted blankets – free of charge for domestic orders! Once your order has been processed and confirmed by our warehouse we ship your order. For domestic orders, we request 5-7 days for your order to arrive at your address. For international orders, 7-14 Business days.


Returns: If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you’re eligible for a return within 60-days. Simply contact us via. email or contact page and explain the issue. We’ll reply back to your request within 24-hours.


Disclaimer: The benefits of a weighted blanket listed under this product is not intended to be substituted for medical advice. All benefits listed have been reports from past customers, reports, and studies. We advise talking to your doctor or healthcare provider before undertaking any type of therapy or treatment.


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