Namaste™ Duvet Cover For Weighted Blankets (Kids & Adults)


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Looking to keep your weighted blanket clean and soft? Get the new Minky duvet cover today!  These ultra-soft Minky duvets provide extra softness, warmth, and comfort as you sleep. Keep your weighted blankets clean and soft at the same time. Get yours today!

Important Note: A weighted blanket is not included. It’s only a duvet cover. Also, these duvet covers only cover the top of the bed. They do not hang over the edges of your bed. They’re true to size

Why Buy A Duvet Cover For A Weighted Blanket?

A duvet helps keep your weighted blanket clean, soft and fresh. It’s really important for longevity especially if it’s for a child. A weighted blanket is an investment you want to keep clean, soft, and odorless. If you’ve chosen a weighted blanket, it’s time to get a duvet cover for it.


Minky fabric: Our covers are made from real high-quality Minky. Minky is a super soft fleece fabric that is warm. It’s produced from 100% polyester microfiber. It was originally used for babies’ products because of the extremely soft feel on the skin.

Lightweight: Unlike the weighted blanket, it doesn’t add any weight. It’s extremely lightweight and soft. The duvet only adds softness as you sleep.

Lead-Free: Our duvets are manufactured in a lead-free faculty along with our weighted blankets.

Eco-Friendly: We use the most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods possible when making our soft Minky duvet covers.

Fair Trade Practises:  We support fair trade practices within our company and faculties. We provide fair wages and safe working conditions amongst our employees. Safety first!

Tightly stitched: Our covers are woven through tight stitching. It’s strong and stable and will not be dismantled. 

Machine washable: These covers are completely machine washable. They’re built to last.

Zipper Technology: Our closures use durable zippers instead of buttons or loops.

Benefits Of Our Duvet Covers For Weighted Blankets

Protects Your Weighted Blanket: Our duvet covers protect your weighted blanket from any stains, odors, and damage. If you have children, you’ll understand how important this is!

Easy To Clean – The Namaste duvet cover is super easy to clean. As mentioned previously, it is machine washable and stains can be easily removed.

Soft Materials – A super-soft Minky fabric that is ultra-soft to touch and provides you with comfort and warmth whilst sleeping. The cover will protect your blanket and will keep you warm due to its material.

Non-Slip Technology – The duvet cover will not slip away from your weighted blanket. The removable duvet cover has been designed with zipper closure. 

Shipping time

Processing Time: We request 1-2 business days to complete processing your order. We’ll provide you with a tracking code once processing is complete.

Shipping: We ship all duvet covers – free of charge! Once your order has been processed and confirmed by our warehouse we ship your order. We request 5-7 days for your order to arrive at your address.


Returns: If you’re unsatisfied with your order, you’re eligible for a return within 60-days. Simply contact us via. email or contact page and explain the issue. We’ll reply back to your request within 24-hours.


Disclaimer: The benefits of a duvet cover listed under this product is not intended to be substituted for medical advice. All benefits listed have been reports from past customers, reports, and studies. We advise talking to your doctor or healthcare provider before undertaking any type of therapy or treatment.


Kids Small (36" x 48"), Kids Large (41" x 60"), Small – Individual (48" x 72"), Medium – Individual (60" x 80"), Large – Couple (80" x 87")


Dark Gray, Navy Blue

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