Luna Weighted Blanket Reviews and More

Introduction to the Luna Weighted Blanket

Anxiety and stress are issues that affect people in a plethora of ways. Whether it’s after work, during school, in social settings, or completely random, anxiety and stress can occur at any point. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to address these issues, such as a weighted blanket. Hence why so many people have an interest in Luna Weighted Blanket reviews.

Weighted blankets are great at giving a deepened pressure sense to a person, promoting a similar line to a hug. Besides anxiety and stress, weighted blankets help treat countless other issues, ranging from sleep and sensory disorders. As a result, people must find the right blanket for their preference.

That preference has to do with finding the right weight and color option specific to their needs. Though it may seem overwhelming to find the right blanket, it’s a lot more straightforward than it sounds. Regardless, our review of the Luna blanket will help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Nevertheless, below will feature some background information on Luna, our review, pros, cons, and overall verdict. From there, we’ll highlight plenty of other information related to weighted blankets. We’ll discuss if weighted blankets are expensive, why you should use one, and much more. Let’s take a look!

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Luna Background Information

Rather than begin with our review of the Luna blanket, let’s take a look at what Luna has to offer as a company. Luna specializes in weighted blankets, offering a cloud-like and breathable blanket focusing on deep pressure stimulation technology. Luna promises its blanket is designed to provide a sensation unlike any other.

The blanket’s weight is created to provide users with a piece of sensation and comfort that’s similar to a warm hug. It helps users fall asleep and stay asleep longer than they normally would. Considering these are so imperative to the success of a blanket, it’s nice knowing Luna understands those factors.

Besides having a reputable product, Luna is hugely beneficial for consumers since they specialize in this field. Countless companies offer weighted blankets only for their products to be disappointing since it’s not their primary focus. Regardless, none of this matters if this specific blanket doesn’t hold up.

Luna Wellness Weighted Blanket Review

Luna Weighted Blanket reviews are essential in the decision-making process for a blanket. Upon viewing the blanket, you’ll easily feel at ease knowing how many weight and color options there are. Considering versatility is so imperative to a weighted blanket, this specific blanket does a great job in this sense.

Besides its versatility perk, the blanket is made from cotton and is designed with Luna’s innovative smart design. The design combines seven layers into a streamlined design that distributes the weight throughout your body. You won’t run into any major concerns with the blanket in this sense.

Comfort-wise, the Luna blanket is covered in ultra-soft cotton material and is filled with a cloud-like fabric. The fabric is carefully constructed from Luna’s manufacturer, giving a perfect blanket for those interested. It’s surprisingly breathable and has great overall temperature control for the blanket.

Washing the blanket is more difficult than a standard unit because of its bulkier size. The best way to clean and care for this blanket is to wash it cold in a gentle setting or hand wash it. If you can hand dry, definitely go with that route to avoid risking it in the dryer. Be aware of these solutions and what it means for your blanket.

Size-wise, the blanket is great because it’s meant for a wide range of people. The blanket also features a king-size, which can operate for two people. Considering most weighted blankets aren’t designed in a size large enough for two people, it’s useful seeing this specific blanket is so beneficial in that sense.

Lastly, the blanket has premium glass beads allowing you to sleep peacefully, making the world seem much calmer and better for you in the long run. Negatively speaking, besides the blanket being difficult to clean, its build quality can deteriorate a bit quicker than some other weighted blankets.


  • There are many weight and color options for the blanket.
  • The blanket has a great weight and size to it.
  • There’s a king-size available for two people.
  • It’s a very soft and comfortable blanket to use.
  • Luna is a very reputable company.


  • The blanket is difficult to clean.
  • Its build quality can deteriorate a bit quicker than some other weighted blankets.


Luna Weighted Blanket reviews are essential for determining if a specific product is worth your investment or not. As far as this specific product is concerned, it’s an excellent blanket that has a reasonable price, is very versatile, has a soft surface, and even has a king-size option available.

Though the blanket is a challenge to clean and doesn’t have the best build quality, what it does right outweighs practically everything else. Considering most weighted blankets are significantly higher in price, this is an excellent option to view if you’re hoping for a lower-priced blanket to get you started.

Regardless, rather than conclude here, I’m sure there are plenty of questions you have with weighted blankets. As a result, below will discuss a few critical components of weighted blankets worth mentioning. We’ll discuss if weighted blankets are expensive, why you should use one, and much more.

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Are Weighted Blankets Expensive?

For whatever reason, many people are interested in the price of a weighted blanket, wondering if it’s worth the investment or not. Truthfully, a weighted blanket tends to be expensive, though some variations are significantly more affordable.

Weighted blankets tend to be expensive due to their material, raising their price much more than a traditional blanket. Regardless, that price is certainly worth it, especially if you need a product that benefits you in the way a weighted blanket does. Just make sure whatever weighted blanket you get fits your needs and budget.

Why Should I Use a Weighted Blanket?

Weighted blankets are popular due to the deep pressure stimulation. The science behind the blanket shows the pressure helps stimulate the production of serotonin, benefitting our overall mood. It helps reduce the stress hormone in our body, increasing melatonin and sleeping comfortably.

No matter your profession or passion in life, sometimes life gets the best of you. Rather than sit around and wait for it to get better, a weighted blanket is an excellent way to help you along the way. The blankets are comfortable, easy to use, and have a significant favorable influence on a person’s life.

Do Weighted Blankets Make You Feel Hot?

Whatever it might be, many people get worried about how hot a weighted blanket might make them feel. Truthfully, a weighted blanket doesn’t make anyone hotter than a traditional blanket. Though the added weight might make you think you’ll feel warmer in it, this isn’t the case at all.

Many weighted blankets are designed to be breathable, allowing the blanket to air out properly when it’s wrapped around you. Since weighted blankets are meant to be around you in a hugging capacity, it makes sense why the companies behind them make the units breathable.

Do You Use a Weighted Blanket in the Summer?

Going off the notion of weighted blankets being too hot for people to use, some people also wonder if you can use the weighted blankets in the summer. Though it may seem odd to use a heavy blanket during the warmer months, weighted blankets are great to use during this time of year.

Even if you have hot flashes or are prone to overheating, you don’t have to worry about a weighted blanket being too much during the warmer months. Consider turning on the A/C or sticking your legs outside the blanket. Having the blanket just on half of your body can be just as beneficial as using it across your entire body.

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Reviews like this are great for understanding if this specific blanket is worth your time or not. We appreciate you taking the time to read our review and guide on the blanket. Though the blanket isn’t the easiest to clean, and its build quality can deteriorate faster than other blankets, it’s still worth checking out.

The blanket does a great job at having many weight and color options available to users, on top of having a great weight and size, excellent comfort, and much more. If you’re looking for a decent weighted blanket to get you started in this particular subject, this is an option worth considering.

Nevertheless, if you have any questions about Luna, Luna Weighted Blanket reviews, or anything related to the subject, feel free to leave them below. There is a lot to cover with weighted blankets, and we’re sure there’s a lot we didn’t cover anything. Also, be sure to check out some of our other reviews to see if there is another weighted blanket that may fit your needs better.