sleep and the brain

How Lack of Sleep Impacts Cognitive Performance and Focus

Sleep is something we must do. Like eating and breathing, it’s an inevitable part of the human daily routine. Unlike the latter two parts, however, sleep is only now receiving serious interest from the general public. 

Think about how many healthy diets there are. Think about the number of ways you’ve learned to breathe throughout your life, from swimming to long-distance running to calming down, scientists explored all four corners of those well-worn maps. They’ve been plundered for all their worth, and have seemingly little to give over.

But not sleep.

Society has just begun to get its notorious vice grip around the subject of sleep, and it will do with sleep what it does best: study it.

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given at Namaste Blankets are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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A Deeper Look Into Sleep

To use modern phrasing, the public has been “sleeping” on sleep and its very legitimate personal and professional benefits – yet it’s always been something we knew. Want to do well on a test? Get a good night’s sleep. Big race? Sleep well. Had a long day at work? Make sure you get to bed early so you are in the best shape possible to face tomorrow.

A lot of health is intuitive. Sleep comes naturally. We don’t choose to go to sleep, our body tells us it needs to sleep, and we either obey it, or we don’t – this is a big determining factor in the overall “success” (depending on how you measure success) of a life. Have you ever read about a life worth living in which the person slept-walked through the greatest events? Probably not – because they were always in bed!

Sleep is an ally, not a home. It’s a tool with which you can do everything you want and does it well, instead of somewhere you escape to – a place you inhabit, and remain.

It is not habitable for the long term. That’s short and long of it. 

Nobody reading the headline of this article will be surprised that it helps performance and focus. What they might find surprising is just how much it helps performance and focus. 

Sleep feeds creativity and helps to filter out stress. Brain cell connections also become strengthened. 

The Qualities

These are general qualities you want at all times. Focus, perfect performance – they are characteristics of someone firing on all cylinders, and the most important aspect is they apply to people from all walks of life. 

Let’s say you are a university student. Your parents are on you to do well and get a great degree. This means they hound you to get some sleep! The problem is the university is taxing. You have social commitments, early classes, late classes, parties, extracurriculars – there’s no time to sleep and therefore no time to put yourself in a position of learning.  

Poor sleeping habits remain a staple of the university “diet”, but they don’t have to be. Not only that, they should not even be mentioned. Make poor sleeping habits disappear and your grades reappear! 

You can do a lot of good in university with just a little more sleep – not to mention a little more self-control towards sleep hygiene.

What about a senior citizen? They need all the strength they can get, especially if they live alone. When they have no one to rely on but themselves, it becomes all about optimizing performance, just like a teenage athlete. Focus on your work, on your home tasks. Increase your performance at work and at home by getting better sleep. 

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There Is No Greater Comfort Than A Blanket

According to a New York Times article, approximately 250,000 workplace accidents a year can be traced to a lack of sleep. That’s poor cognitive performance. That’s poor focus. Adults should get about 7-9 hours of sleep, and if you don’t, you’re not only putting your performance at risk, you’re putting your peers’ performances at risk.

Office co-workers don’t exactly take kindly to folks who get too comfortable making their sleep schedule back up by catching a few zzz’s in the boardroom during the lunchroom meeting and heading off early to hit the sack – not to mention, all to do this over again the next day.

No thanks. That guy is getting fired.

With Namaste Blankets

With Namaste Blankets, you not only get the benefits of sleep, but you also get the added benefits that a weighted blanket brings to the party. 

What a party it is.

Still Skeptical?

Let’s dive into how this works. It’s extraordinarily simple.

If you are one of the millions of people who feel grumpy in the morning, restless at night, and-or generally unhappy, it’s probably because you’re not utilizing your day the way you’d like. Why aren’t you utilizing your day well enough? There are plenty of reasons – maybe you are suffering from interpersonal issues. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re appreciated enough. Maybe you’re not eating well. 

They may not sound like sleep issues, but they are because if you get a good night’s sleep, you will be more prepared to face the day-to-day issues that plague you. 

Simply put, if it’s not an asleep issue that’s keeping you down, it actually is. It’s like skimping on breathing or eating. These are the fundamentals. To try and do away with them is futile, and will leave you much, much worse off than before. Once the platform falls out from under you, there’s nothing giving you the support you need to get to the next level.

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You are starting from a negative and trying to get back to 0, instead of beginning at 0 and rising into the positives.

A weighted blanket is a tool that brings you from a 0-neutral to a positive.

Weighted blankets are the key to a little work for a way better sleep.

Weighted blankets indirectly increase your happiness by providing users with a more solid, deep sleep, and you reap the benefits of a solid sleep when you are awake. 

You are sleeping your way to a better day.