Weighted Blanket Guidelines for Kids

Helpful Weighted Blanket Guidelines for Kids [February 2021 Update]

No matter our age, the occasional hiccup pops in our life. Whether the hiccup is about a severe moment of our life or just natural anxiety, everybody needs a little extra help to be okay. Whether people admit it or not, we all deal with the negative consequences related to life. As dejected of a reality that might be, luckily, there are countless modern solutions to address it head-on. Of these solutions available, weighted blankets are fantastic products that’ll help any individual with the various issues that plague their life.

Outside of adults, kids tend to deal with a lot of similar strains of anxiety, stress, and inability to sleep. Similar to adults, there are weighted blankets that are specially crafted for them. With this particular subject in mind, the weighted blanket guidelines for kids might seem daunting. Still, it’s a lot simpler than most realize.

The information on Namaste Blankets is intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with your healthcare professional for serious inquiries. 

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MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs 36x48 Toddler...
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No matter what the specifics might be, a weighted blanket is a fantastic product for various reasons. Whether it’s to aid an individual with better sleep or relieve stress, there isn’t anything in that realm a weighted blanket can’t do. With this knowledge at hand, why wouldn’t someone want their child to have a weighted blanket?

With all of this information at once, it’s essential to discuss the variety of info related to the subject for every individual. Since everyone wants to understand what to expect and what option is best, let’s do exactly that.

We’ll begin by discussing the weight of weighted blankets for kids, weighted blanket calculators for kids, utilization, benefits, and a variety of other information related to the field. Let’s get started!

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket be for Kids?

Before you look into the broad notion of weight regarding weighted blankets, you need to look at the specifics of your kid first. Taking factors such as age, height, and weight will help you translate it over to the correct weighted blanket. How much should a weighted blanket weigh for a child is a somewhat simple endeavor to find out?

Since kids come in all shapes and sizes, it’s difficult to highlight each weighted blanket as the one-fit solution for all kids. Plus, some kids grow at an exceptional rate early on, making them more suitable for a weighted adult blanket.

No matter the case, look at the physical components of your child before anything else. Although age is undoubtedly a factor, physicality is what drives the solution for the weighted blanket designated for each person.

However, although determining what might be perfect for your child might not always work. Since every child has their own preference, it’s essential to find out what’ll actually for them in the long run. Either way, determining the weight is a good start.

Weighted Blanket Calculator for Kids

One way for people to determine the weight of a weighted blanket for their kid is with the weighted blanket calculator for kids. This method is recommended by most companies in the weighted blanket world. It is a simple way to help you determine the specifications for your child.

Keep in mind that although this calculator method is reasonably accurate, it still depends on your child’s preference. If your child has any issue with anything with added weight, it might be a bit difficult to convince otherwise. However, they’ll most likely get comfortable in the manner once they realize the benefits behind it.

Nonetheless, the weighted blanket calculator works by taking the weight of an individual and finding out what 10-percent of that number is. No matter the person’s age, roughly 10-percent of their weight will be a good number weight-wise for weighted blankets.

For example, if your child weighs 100 pounds, a weighted blanket around 10 pounds should theoretically be perfect for them. If your child has issues with heavier weight, subtract a pound or two. On the other hand, if your child wants more weight, consider adding a pound or so. No matter what, this method should be a good estimation to help you figure out the perfect weight for your child.

Do Kids Need Additional Blankets with Their Weighted Blanket?

Although we’re discussing the weighted blanket guidelines for kids, it’s essential to venture over into a bit of other information related to the field. Whenever someone brings up weighted blankets as a subject, people tend to ask how they work as an actual blanket.

Although they have the term blanket in their name, some people still don’t know if weighted blankets actually operate like one. For those who don’t know, weighted blankets still work beautifully as a regular blanket. Since blankets are primarily used for warmth, weighted blankets certainly fill the role.

Nonetheless, depending on the time of year and climate, some kids might want an additional blanket with their weighted blanket. However, this isn’t a knack on weighted blankets. If anything, this is a natural part of the industry behind blankets. Virtually every person has numerous blankets, why wouldn’t a kid want a few blankets to utilize?

However, this doesn’t mean a weighted blanket isn’t sufficient enough as a leading blanket. Considering their weight alone, they’ll be relatively warm and used significantly. Plus, with all of the benefits attached to them, it’s practically impossible to ignore their primary functionality.

Are Weighted Blankets Beneficial for Kids?

If you haven’t caught on to it yet, weighted blankets are incredibly beneficial for kids. Although our primary interest is in the weighted blanket guidelines for kids, the real benefits of one are challenging to ignore. In fact, most kids should use a weighted blanket in their life. Pure science and studies supporting the matter are indisputable.

For starters, weighted blankets are incredibly beneficial for kids in dealing with anxiety and stress. Similar to adults, kids have the unfortunate reality of dealing with severe issues like anxiety and stress. As a result, weighted blankets promote a sense of calmness that helps rid the two.

That same sense of calmness helps kids and adults alike sleep better. Sleep is a vital part of people’s lives that helps the immune system, mental health, and overall physical health. Basically, you can’t live a proper life without good sleep, which is why a weighted blanket can be a game-changer in someone’s life.

Although there are countless other benefits of weighted blankets, they’re also immensely comforting for kids. Plus, they’re easy to use and clean. Kids already know how to utilize a blanket, making the overall functionality of weighted blankets elementary compared to other methods.

How Should a Kid Utilize Their Weighted Blanket?

On the grand scheme of the world pertaining to weighted blankets, there are a ton of ways kids can go about using them. Whether it’s their primary blanket or only when needed, there isn’t any specific way a kid can use it. In fact, it’s a product for them to use how they want to use it. As a result, they can discover their own method and what works best for them.

What kids and adults need to realize is there isn’t a strict rulebook for the guidelines on weighted blankets. Although there are clear indications, everyone is different from each other. Thus, why it’s essential for them to discover their own method on the matter. Nonetheless, here is a quick list to help jump-start how a kid can use their weighted blanket:

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MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs 36x48 Toddler...
Kids weighted blanket 5lb; Helps Kids get enough sleep and improve their physical and mental development

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Use it Whenever They Had a Bad Day

Since weighted blankets emulate a firm hug, they’re fantastic for kids whenever they have a terrible day. Whether it’s a bad day at school, an injury from a sport, or just not feeling right, a weighted blanket can be their go-to mechanism in any of these scenarios.

Since weighted blankets are a bit different from standard blankets, but operate in the same sense, it’s straightforward for kids to grab them and use them to see fit. Basically, if they have a bad day, they can grab their weighted blanket and lay down.

Outside of just laying down with one, they can just wrap it around themselves. Since anything negative like a bad day can be very strenuous on a kid, it makes sense to utilize particular methods to help them.

Use it at Night to Help Sleep

As noted earlier, weighted blankets are a vital product for helping kids sleep. Since sleep is such a significant part of a person’s life, kids should use it every night to help them sleep. Even if they don’t have sleeping issues, it’ll still enhance their overall sleeping experience.

If it’s already cool out, the weighted blanket will be easy and natural to use. Considering it can act as a standard blanket, kids will be able to quickly use it as their primary blanket. Since it functions as a blanket in that regard, it’s simple to use while sleeping.

On the other hand, if it’s warm out, kids can still use it but might have to do a few tricks to keep cool. They can either wear fewer blankets/layers while going to bed or by sticking their feet out of the blanket. The classic method of sticking a foot out of the blanket will ensure the cool sensation people need during warmer months.

Use it to Keep Warm During Cold Months

Outside of purely using it to help kids sleep at night, they can use it as their main blanket during colder months. Whether it’s the winter or just a random cooler day, a blanket is an essential item.

Practically every house in the world has a form of blankets in each bedroom. Thus, why a weighted blanket can be perfect in this role. Plus, a weighted blanket adds an additional amount of benefits to the pure functionality of a blanket.

No matter the case, kids should consider using a weighted blanket whenever they feel cold. Like a standard blanket, they’ll know how to use it in this regard and receive all of the benefits attached to it.

Snuggle Up with It During Movie Night

Other than the pure function of a weighted blanket during colder months, it’s a great tool to use during relaxed moments. A relaxing moment varies from person to person, but kids usually think of relaxed moments involving movies or game sessions.

Either way, a simple wrap around their body will ensure them the comfort and positives tied to the blanket. It’s relatively simple and straightforward to do, it’s an excellent all-around method for kids to utilize their weighted blankets.

No matter the specifics of the solution, kids will love their weighted blanket during moments they can use it for. Everyone knows about the standard usage of a blanket. Still, it is a new situation for kids to use during a movie or game session.

Best Weighted Blanket for Kids

Now that the above information discussed how much a weighted blanket should weigh for a child and everything else related to the guidelines, let’s go over the best option for kids. Although there are several fantastic products available in the weighted blanket world, Namaste Weighted Blanket for Kids is one of the best options.

The blanket features everything to love and know about weighted blankets. It’s affordable, built great, and has various other perks tied to the product. Simply based on reviews, the company prides itself on crafting pure excellence in this field. Whether you want a blanket for yourself or your kids, Namaste Weighted Blankets is definitely the solution.

Upon your visitation of the products available, be sure to check out the variety of options offered. The main options concern the weight, size, and duvet cover, all of which are great to be offered for any product.

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MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs 36x48 Toddler...
MAXTID Weighted Blanket for Kids 5lbs 36x48 Toddler...
Kids weighted blanket 5lb; Helps Kids get enough sleep and improve their physical and mental development

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Hopefully, you’re now a bit more literate on the subject of weighted blanket guidelines for kids. The field might appear to be dense with what you should and shouldn’t decide on for your kids, but this isn’t too much of a deal-breaker. Be sure to check out Namaste Weighted Blankets and go through each option to see which one is best for your child.