Cyber Monday Deals on Weighted Blankets

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. It’s time to finally get the weighted blanket you’ve always been waiting for – at a reasonable price. We’re offering big Cyber Monday discounts on all weighted blankets and products at 25% off. As you know, Black Friday was the day before so we’re limited in stock due to our highly successful Black Friday sale. 

This is the perfect time to stock up on winter apparel, gear, and a cozy weighted blanket. There’s a wide variety of weighted products to choose from on Namaste Blankets online store. Not only can you get 25% off all adult weighted blankets but kid weighted blankets as well. These blankets are kid-friendly and 100% safe. 

 There are also weighted lap pads available for sale too. And yes, the discount applies to them as well.  If you’re new to the weighted blanket industry, you’re probably asking “what is a weighted blanket?”

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What is a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are ordinary blankets weighed down by pellets. These pellets are sewed in pockets to keep the weight distribution even. Our weighted blankets are made with glass beads but other manufacturers use plastic, sand, and sometimes, food. Weighted blankets are used to help treat the following disorders:

Many people use weighted blankets to help them improve their mood, physical performance, and mental wellbeing. If you like to read more about the benefits of a weighted blanket go here or here.

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Our cyber Monday deals on weighted blankets

As a reminder, Namaste Blankets will be offering a 25% discount with the code “cyber2019” on all products. This coupon code will only be available Monday, December 2nd and ends at midnight. Free shipping is included on all domestic and international orders.

As you know, weighted blankets cost anywhere from $100- $280 dollars depending on a lot of things. This is why we’re offering such an amazing deal on these blankets. Furthermore, we’re offering weighted blankets for kids starting at $79. 

Even though the sale is crazy, the 60-night trial still stands. In the 60 days of purchase of your order, you’re unsatisfied, we’ll give you a full refund. So, saying that, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to get your blanket and try it out for a discounted rate and for 60-nights.

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