Best Travel Weighted Blanket

Best Travel Weighted Blanket [FEBRUARY 2021 Update]

Many people suffer from travel anxiety, feeling constant discomfort when away from home. Unless you can find some way to relieve some of this anxiety you could end up experiencing a full-blown panic attack when en-route to your destination or while staying at a strange hotel. Most people who suffer from travel anxiety may find relief with the best travel weighted blanket to snuggle under. While a weighted blanket for travel won’t make you any less anxious, it can make the anxiety bearable, which may seem like a miracle in itself.

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given here are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice for a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given at Namaste Blankets are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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What is Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety is a condition in which a person who is traveling away from home experiences a persistent feeling of apprehension or foreboding. Minor cases of travel anxiety may simply make the traveler feel stressed and uneasy for the entire length of the trip. In more severe cases suffers from travel anxiety may suffer from actual physical symptoms such as sweating continually, having a dry mouth, experiencing heart palpitations, acute nausea, and even dizziness. In some cases, a person feels as though they are having a heart attack and may have trouble catching their breath.

Travel anxiety may be so severe that a person suffering from this condition will not travel more than a few miles from home nor sleep anywhere but their own bed.

What Causes Travel Anxiety?

Travel anxiety can happen to anyone, but people who suffer from general anxiety tend to be more susceptible to travel anxiety than most people. Travel anxiety usually doesn’t have a single specific cause, but may be due to a combination of fears. This anxiety could be due to the fact that the anxiety sufferer had a negative travel experience in the past, be tied to their discomfort of talking to people they don’t know, or simply be due to the fact that they are leaving the place where they feel safe and secure.

There are some things you can do if you suffer from travel anxiety. Here are some tips that can help you to deal with your anxiety symptoms.

  • Learn what triggers your anxiety symptoms and learn some relaxation techniques that can prevent the symptoms from increasing to full-blown anxiety.
  • Come up with distractions. For example, if flying is what causes your anxiety and you have to fly then bring a book, search puzzles, or something of interest so you can distract yourself when the need arises.
  • Use a travel-size weighted blanket when traveling to help relieve some of your anxiety. Many people are able to relax when they place a weighted blanket on their lap or around their shoulders. This can help to bring your anxiety levels down and even help you to raise your mood.

Can You Travel with a Weighted Blanket?

Many people wonder if you can travel with a weighted blanket especially if flying or traveling by bus or train. You can take a weighted blanket or a weighted lap pad along when you travel, however you need to find a weighted blanket that is smaller than the one you use on a bed.

You want a weighted blanket just big enough to cover your chest and lap or your lap and legs so you get the cocoon feeling of a regular weighted blanket without encroaching on your neighbor’s space.

Here is a look at the best travel weighted blankets available.

Maxtid Weighted Travel Size Weighted Blanket

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The Maxid travel size weighted blanket is the perfect size for traveling. This blanket measures 39 inches by 23 inches and weighs about 8 pounds. This weighted blanket has gridded stitching to evenly distribute the weight and keep the glass beads inside from moving around when the blanket is folded and unfolded.

The smaller size of this blanket makes it just large enough to place on your legs or chest when seated in a car, plane, bus, or train. You can also wrap it around your shoulders.

The softshell of this blanket combined with its weight provides a feeling of comfort and security helping you to feel less stressed and anxious and more relaxed.

You can even place it at the top of your hotel bed to provide weight to your upper body while sleeping or place it at the foot to place the weight on your legs.


  • The softness of this blanket adds to the comforting effect.
  • This weighted blanket for travel is the perfect lap blanket for plane and car travel.
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Heavy enough to be effective, but light enough to carry in a backpack or on plane luggage
  • Can even use it on your hotel bed in a pinch


  • This travel-size weighted blanket is a little pricey for its size.
  • Could be a bit shorter and a little wider

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The UniforU Wearable Weighted Hug Blanket

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The UnitforU 10 pound wearable weighted hug Blanket is a weighted blanket that is designed like a vest that ties at the shoulders and waist to keep the vest close to your body when traveling or sitting in a chair. This weighted hug vest gives you the feeling of being hugged and protected while allowing for the free use of your arms and legs.

You can untie the ties and just leave the vest on your shoulders and leave the rest of the weighted blanket flow loosely for a more blanketed feel when sleeping. The soft mink-like feeling outer fabric can be removed and easily cleaned and the fused quartz bead filling can be heated in the microwave for a more even greater feeling of a warm hug.


  • Easy to wear when traveling without having to worry about it slipping off should you fall asleep.
  • It can even use this when driving to help relax you in heavy traffic or when driving in an unfamiliar area.
  • Light enough for packing for travel, but has enough weight to be effective.
  • It can provide that comforting calm whether you are awake or asleep.


  • Some people may not like the fact that the Hug can neither cover the legs or the shoulders.
  • Ties could be of better quality.

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If you suffer from travel anxiety and are looking for the best travel weighted blanket then check out these two incredible options and see if one may be right for you,