Gravity Weighted Blanket Reviews

Best Gravity Weighted Blanket Reviews – What to Know

Introduction to the Gravity Weighted Blanket

As humans, there is a lot we have to deal with in our everyday life. Whether you’re discussing depression, anxiety, stress, or the constant worry of our day-to-day activities, there is much to deal with. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools to address these specific issues, including weighted blankets. As a result, many people search for Gravity Weighted Blanket reviews for this specific reason.

Weighted blankets are beneficial to relieve the constant pressure and worry we all face every day. Whether you need some calmness after a long day of work or some relief after an exhausting social situation, weighted blankets are great for countless reasons. However, those benefits largely depend on finding the right blanket for you.

Hence why it’s so imperative to find the correct blanket for your specific needs. Picking the wrong blanket can potentially end up doing more harm than good with a subject like this. Nevertheless, this review will take a close look at the Gravity blanket, discussing what we like and don’t like about the blanket.

We’ll quickly go over Gravity as a company and whether or not they have experience in this field. As for the review, we’ll cover some pros, cons, and verdicts for the weighted blanket, allowing you to know if it’s worth your time. Regardless, be sure to read on if you are interested in this weighted blanket or the subject in general.

Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... 1,012 Reviews $215.00 $199.99

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Gravity Background Information

One of the useful points of Weighted Gravity Blanket reviews has to do with covering the company. For those who don’t, Gravity began in 2017 with a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over $4.7 million. It sparked a massive surge in weighted blanket popularity, thanks to their popular Gravity Blanket.

The blanket became such a success that it was named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2018, giving it a reputation like no other. Considering an award like that is such a prestigious accomplishment, one can assume that Gravity truly means the real deal with their products. As far as we can see, this is the case.

Today, Gravity has hundreds of thousands of customers seeing the vast benefits of their products. The company prides itself on offering low-tech and science-based solutions for consumers looking to better their life. Regardless, none of this matters if this specific blanket doesn’t hold up. So, how is it?

Gravity the Weighted Blanket Review

The price of the Gravity blanket is the biggest turn-off for many customers. After all, investing a couple of hundred dollars into a blanket may seem like a big investment. Still, you have to understand that if the blanket delivers on what it promises and does everything it does and more, it’s worth the coin.

Regardless, the gravity weighted blanket comes in three different color options, grey, navy, and white. Though it would’ve been nice to have some other color options, the three offer enough variation where this isn’t a huge deal. Surprisingly, the blanket only has a 15 lbs, 20 lbs, and 35 lbs option to consider too, which isn’t ideal.

Besides those two main negatives and the price, the blanket is excellent in every other category. For starters, the blanket uses lightweight technology on a person’s body to improve sleep quality. Considering how imperative sleep is to a person’s longevity, these products are incredibly beneficial.

Outside of its sleep benefits, the blanket features significant internal upgrades from previous generations and helps maintain the blanket’s signature look and feel. Remember to select a blanket of roughly ten percent of your body weight for the best results. Not choosing the correct weight may hinder your enjoyment of the product.

Size-wise, it’s an ideal 72” by 48”, making a perfect experience for one person at a time. The blanket is designed to allow the weight to be evenly distributed over the person utilizing the blanket. It comes with a great duvet cover, making it super easy to clean, similar to how you’d clean a pillowcase.

The duvet cover is made from a soft micro-fleece, while the blanket is cotton and fine-grade glass beads. It’s held in place inside the duvet cover by Gravity’s new upgraded zipper system. The gridded stitching on the inner portion of the blanket does a great job of ensuring everything remains intact.


  • It’s built extremely well and will last you a long time.
  • It comes with a duvet cover.
  • Gravity is a globally recognized and respected company.
  • The blanket does an excellent job of relaxing the body.
  • The duvet goes on very easily with its zipper.
  • It’s very soft and comfortable.
  • It’s straightforward to use.


  • There are only three color options to choose from.
  • There are only three size options to choose from.
  • It’s expensive.


As far as finding the right weighted blanket is concerned, Gravity Weighted Blanket reviews are ideal to examine before moving ahead in this direction. Nevertheless, we can’t recommend this weighted blanket enough. It’s challenging to find a higher quality blanket than this specific one here.

Though the blanket only has three color and size options to choose from and is expensive, you can’t go wrong with this blanket. It’s understandable if you don’t have a large enough budget for a blanket like this, so consider glancing at some of our other reviews if an option is more applicable to your situation.

Nevertheless, rather than conclude here, below will focus on much other information tied to the subject. We’ll discuss the benefits of these blankets, how often you should use one, if a weighted blanket can go in a dryer, and much more. By the end, you’ll have an extensive sum of information for yourself related to weighted blankets.

Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... 1,012 Reviews $215.00 $199.99

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What are the Benefits of Weighted Blankets?

The main reason anyone would consider a weighted blanket is because of the benefits tied to the product. Like anything else, what’s in it for you is imperative to know when discussing the subject. Either way, a weighted blanket has many benefits, ranging from anxiety relief to helping people sleep.

Though the benefits vary from person to person, you will experience some benefits with the blanket. Still, all of those benefits heavily depend on you picking the right blanket that fits your needs. Not choosing the right blanket can end up doing more harm than good. Regardless, some key benefits include:

  • Provides Comfort and Security
  • Provides Warmth
  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Calms Nervous System
  • Helps Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Aids Back Pain
  • Reduces Restless Leg Syndrome Symptoms
  • Eases Stress
  • Soothes Anxiety

How Often Should You Use a Weighted Blanket?

There is no absolute limit to how long you should use a weighted blanket. All of that depends on your personal preference and what you intend to use it for. If you hope to use it for a good night’s sleep, use it as you would like a regular blanket. If you want to relax after a long day of work, throw it on you while you sit on your couch.

Can a Weighted Blanket Go in the Dryer?

Generally speaking, it’s not ideal for throwing your weighted blanket in the dryer. Though some weighted blankets are compact enough to go in your dryer, this isn’t the preferred method. Instead, you should try to air dry your blanket when you can. Also, consider having a duvet cover on your blanket at all times, so you can just clean that instead of the entire blanket.

Do Weighted Blankets Ruin Washers?

Similar to how you would worry about a weighted blanket ruining your dryer, the same rules apply to your washer. As a result, many people prefer to either hand wash or go with the duvet method for washing their weighted blanket. Remember to wash it in either of these ways. Otherwise, bacteria will begin to build onto the blanket.

Is a Weighted Blanket Worth it?

At the end of an article like this, you more than likely want to know if a weighted blanket is worth the investment. Truthfully, yes, a weighted blanket is worth it, no matter what you intend to use it for. It’s a high-quality blanket that promotes a sense of calmness, challenging to describe until you use one.

Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... Gravity Blanket Weighted Blanket for Adults, 20 lbs... 1,012 Reviews $215.00 $199.99

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A review like this is great to analyze if you are interested in this specific product. Though the blanket is expensive and isn’t the most versatile option due to its three weight and color options, its high-quality and superb functionality make it magnificent in this sense.

The blanket is built exceptionally well, has a duvet cover, is from a reputable company, relaxes the body, is easy to use, is soft, and much more. Considering all of these are ideal perks to have in a blanket, it’s nice to know this blanket is so excellent in this setting. Just ensure you have the budget to invest in it before moving ahead.

Regardless, if you have any questions about this blanket, Gravity Weighted Blanket reviews, weighted blankets, or anything tied to this subject, consider leaving a comment below. Also, feel free to check out some of our other reviews to see if there’s something else we’ve reviewed that might interest you more.