Are Weighted Blankets Covered by Insurance? [August 2020 Update]

Are you looking at buying a weighted blanket in the near future? Maybe you are just at the research phase where you want to learn more about weighted blankets and whether they can help you with your medical condition? Well if that is the case then you will want to read this article!

Here, we are going to discuss what exactly a weighted blanket is, how it can benefit you and answer questions such as are weighted blankets covered by insurance and do they work for sleep disorders? Read on and find out everything you need to know.


Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given here are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice for a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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What is a weighted blanket?

You may be wondering what the difference is between a weighted blanket and a standard blanket. Weighted blankets are designed with weighted pellets evenly distributed throughout the blanket.

These weights are usually encased in the quilting of the blanket. Usually, the pellets used are plastic or glass. These are the standards for most manufacturers due to reliably. Other niche manufacturers use food, sand, and yes, even water.

How do weighted blankets work?

Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) is the main reason why weighted blankets work. DTP is a therapy that helps people find calm and relaxation. The only want to get to sleep is to be relaxed first. If you’re alert, restless and wired, you’ll never get the right amount of sleep.

Weighted blankets are now used by people who have:

You have to remember we spend 1/3 of their lives sleeping. This is why it’s important to get the right amount of sleep. It’s a large part of our lives!

How to choose the right size and weight?

When choosing a weighted blanket, it is important to follow the 10-12% rule. This means get a weighted blanket that’s 10-12% of your body weight. This is for optimal effectiveness. If you are buying one, as a couple, then you need to know the weight of the lighter person. Make sure to get a weighted blanket that’s 10-12% of the lighter person.

This part is easy. To figure out the size, understand what you’re going for. If you want a blanket that covers a certain portion of your body, go for the smallest size. For bigger size or couple, go for a queen or king size. If you’re getting a weighted blanket, as a couple, abide by the above paragraph.

Why use a weighted blanket?

The reason weighted blankets began to become more of a household name was when healthcare professionals realized the positive effects that they have on autistic children. Initially designed to help these children regulate their emotions.

Weighted blankets have been found to positively impact sleep patterns, emotions, and anxiety. People with chronic pain have also reported that using a weighted blanket has helped to ease their pain. Ultimately, cutting back on painkillers.

Are weighted blankets covered by insurance?

People often ask what insurance covers weighted blankets which is a good question. After all, it’s a medical tool that helps various sleeping disorders. But, at the end of the end, it’s a really tricky question to answer as well.

There are many things to take into account like insurers, weighted blanket types, and more.

Does Medicaid cover weighted blankets?

The answer isn’t clear. Most weighted blankets are classified as medical devices, which are covered by most insurance companies. However, without a clear diagnosis from your doctor then these “medical devices” won’t be covered. If in doubt, call your insurance company and check your policy.

Are weighted blankets covered by HAS?

The answer isn’t clear.

Weighted Blankets for sleep disorders

Many people find that getting a good night’s sleep is impossible. It may be down to the fact that they can’t get off to sleep or that they toss and turn so much in the night that they wake themselves up. You might be suffering from a more serious sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or insomnia. Weighted blankets work really well at helping you both drift off to sleep and to stay asleep. They do this by producing serotonin (triggered by the deep pressure of the blanket) which calms the brain. The pressure of the blanket while you are sleeping also stills your body and lessens your involuntary movements through the night.

Weighted blankets for autism

Weighted blankets were originally created to help children with autism. As well as giving them a good night’s sleep (see above for info on that), they also help to regulate sensory overload and emotions too. Especially good for sensory meltdowns, these blankets can be taken out and about with your child and can be used as a comforter when things get a bit too much. In addition to the pressure it provides, a weighted blanket will also feel like a big hug to your child and will comfort them when you are unable to.

Weighted blankets for anxiety

If you are an anxiety sufferer, then you will know only too well how easy it is for your mind to race and overthink things at night. Thankfully by using a weighted blanket, you can trick your mind into going to sleep. This is thanks to the deep pressure of the weight on your body releasing serotonin and naturally calming you. Feeling anxious throughout the day? Don’t fret, you can use the blanket any time you like (within reason). Taking 10 minutes out of your day to sit quietly with your weighted blanket around you will help to calm your nerves.

Final words

So, in conclusion, we now understand how to pick the perfect blanket for you and know what sort of conditions it can help with. Of course, the next big question is are weighted blankets covered by insurance? These blankets can become costly, especially if you are going for a larger or heavier one so having it covered by your insurance would be very useful! Unfortunately, this is a question that only YOUR insurance provider can answer. Why not give them a quick call today and see if your insurance will cover a weighted blanket? Once you’ve done that you can get online and start picking out the right one for you!

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