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4 Powerful Benefits of Weighted Blanket Therapy

Many articles focus on therapy, and many focus on weighted blankets. Something they don’t do is focus on the positive, productive results that come from marrying the two subjects.

We as a society are inundated with article after article telling us that we need to be healthier and to try this app or that app. They tell us that we need to practice “mindfulness” and “wellness” within social media apps that work against us. There is so much conflicting information going around that it’s no wonder at all our society is inundated with all of these “DIY, Help Yourself” articles. We’re in dire need of some help.

The issue is that a lot of these articles don’t actually help us. They put us on a track and then leave us to sink or swim. Those in need don’t need to be tested, they need to be given something comforting.

Disclaimer: The tips and recommendations given at Namaste Blankets are intended to be used as guidelines. Do not replace our advice with a registered health professional or therapist’s advice. It’s best to consult with a healthcare professional if you have a special condition.

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Linus’s Blanket and the Symbol of Comfort

Blankets have long been a symbol of comfort. Consider Linus from Charlie Brown. Linus is a timid little boy whose more outgoing, eager friend, Charlie Brown, drags him into disputes with “bossy” Lucy, and sycophantic “Sally”. Responsibility and spotlight are thrust upon him by those who want to see him fail, and yet he, with his trusty blanket, is able to weather all that responsibility and contempt by retrofitting his blanket into anything he needs. When he’s asked (forced) to become a shepherd in the school Christmas play, he makes the blanket into a headscarf. Later on, asked to play a businessman, he fashions it into a sports coat.

Of course, this isn’t actually possible to do, but it is an extremely effective symbol of comfort. Linus can go anywhere and do anything with his blanket by his side.

He’s a lot like people these days. He’s anxious, and a little sad, and he needs his blanket in order to cope with all that is thrust upon him.

Weighted Blankets and Therapy Together?

Weighted blankets are a lot like a nice damn hug. They snuggle up to you naturally due to the way they’re built, and they make you feel secure.

Normally, when people head to bed in the winter, for example, they need to turn off the TV, get ready for bed, and then spend five minutes walking all over their house and pulling off their favorite couch blanket, their favorite partner’s blanket, and hell maybe even their pet’s blanket, and piling it all on top of you as you get into bed.

Take a below at some of the very legitimate, specific methods that weighted blankets, such as Namaste Weighted Blankets, help you considerably.

1. Puts Insomnia to Bed

Get it? “To bed”? Ah well, I’ll catch you on the next one.

Insomnia is a silent, creeping, seemingly unbeatable affliction. You just can’t. get. to sleep. You can’t get to sleep no matter what you try. It can slowly creep into how it affects your work life and your family life because sleep is a key necessity for a healthy, happy life. Sleep and your diet are the two pillars you don’t want to lose when trying to form a great life for yourself.

Weighted blankets are meant to pull down your insomnia big time, to the point that over a few nights it will lessen and then disappear. Insomnia can be caused by a lot of things, and feeling as though you’re being swaddled like a baby can help a lot of things. Give it a try.

2. Reduces Anxiety and Restlessness

Test after test I would watch my knee bounce endlessly. People around me would get so mad. That’s fair. It was very distracting, but it was a test! And that’s scary! It made me very anxious.

A weighted blanket can make you feel more at ease, which naturally helps you wake up feeling less anxious and therefore restless. Restlessness is really just a symptom of anxiety, and so once you nip the problem in the bud, the rest should follow suit.

3. Eases Pain

It sounds simple, but it’s true: Weighted blankets help ease a person’s pain. Surely it helps mental pain, due to lessening anxiety, but in this case, the focus is on physical pain. By applying a kind of nice, soft pressure on your body, it can actually have healing benefits, not to mention the fact that if you like your weighted blanket, you’re more likely to stay in bed, meaning you’re more likely to rest whatever it is that’s been broken or injured on you, and your healing time may actually decrease.

Have pain? Buy a weighted blanket!

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4. Promotes a Happier Mood by Creating Calm

Believe it or not, buying a weighted blanket will make you happier, and not just because it’s fun to buy things (although that too). It will make you happier by making you calmer. That is a huge benefit of a weighted blanket. Calm is a kind of amorphous. It easily evades even the most pious, peaceful people, because it’s something you have to work towards. That sounds counter-intuitive, but it’s true.

You don’t become calm just by doing something, but what you can do is buy certain things that aid you in your attempt to become much calmer, and therefore much happier.

A way to do this is by buying a weighted blanket. If you buy one of these blankets, you put yourself in a position to feel that much calmer when going to sleep or waking up, leaving you more capable of handling any kind of stress or adversity in your way. Not only that, you’ll be so much happier getting into bed because you’ll be greeted again and again by a tool looking specifically to help make you happy.

That’s a big deal. There’s no ulterior motive for the makers of a weighted blanket. The point is to make you feel safe and more comfortable. All of the other massive benefits are gravy.

Enjoy the meal.