What's is a Namaste Weighted Blanket?

A Namaste weighted blanket is a therapeutic blanket embedded with premium glass beads. We use glass bead technology to maximize the effectiveness, comfort and durability of a quality weighted blanket. We believe glass beads provide the right amount of weight and distribution to provide various benefits. Also, as many of our customers know, our blankets provide a natural cooling sensation due to the glass beads embedded within the blanket preventing overheating while you sleeping.  

The Namaste weighted blanket has gained immense popularity due to helping management issues including anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and stress. Ultimately, the science behind our blanket comes from  the principles of Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). DTP refers to the act of gently applying a firm pressure to the body to extend the discharge of serotonin and oxytocin. Thus, helping find calm, fight pain, and boost your mood. 

The first thing you need to know is how to choose the right weighted blanket for your body type. Our weighted blankets are designed to fit all shapes and sizes. The right weight of the weighted blanket can be determined by viewing our size chart. The perfect weight for a Namaste weighted blanket should be 10-12% of your body weight. If you’re a parent looking for a weighted blanket for your children, this rule also applies to children.

Free Shipping

Free shipping with all domestic orders. Also weighted blanket international shipping available.

Soft & Warm

Duvet covers made with Minky fabric used to create a warming soft feel.

Huge Savings

Enjoy various discounts to save money and get the best sleep of your life.

How Do They Work?

Namaste weighted blankets use deep touch pressure to promote calm within children and adults. This is done by applying a firm pressure to the body. The body switches from operating on its sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic nervous system. For more commonly used terminology, this is switching from your “fight or flight” response to “rest and digest” internal response.

Scientifically, the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is known as the “alert” response system within your body. The sympathetic nervous system is activated when you’re in a highly stressful situation. This can be anything from a major life decision to something small like an unexpected bill. No matter how big or small the stressful situation is, the sympathetic nervous system is activated

This is where the weighted blanket saves the day. Our weighted blankets help activate the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS). This helps promotes a sense of calm and peace to the mind. Ultimately, helping you feel relaxed, focused, and positive. Furthermore, helping show down your heart rate, relax muscle tension and help circulation.

grey mink dot weighted blanket

Improve Your Sleep

Get to sleep faster, longer and deeper while deterring middle-of-the-night movement as you sleep.

Boost Serotonin Levels

Actively increases your serotonin levels as sleep and wake up more refreshed.

Decrease Anxiety

Find your inner calm and reduce your anxiety as you sleep.

navy mink dot weighted blanket

What's The Hype About?

Many adults and children with autism and sensory processing disorders (SPD) spend a lot of time stuck in the sympathetic nervous system. It’s very unfortunate because even when they do calm down and get out of the sympathetic nervous system hold, it’s very easy to re-trigger this systematic attack.

The goal of the weighted blanket is to help during these episodes. Using deep touch technology from the weighted blanket, it will help the body produce endorphins (the happy hormones) required to keep a positive mood. 

The longer the use of a weighted blanket, the harder it is to fall back into a sympathetic nervous system attack. As deep pressure stimulation floods the body, the parasympathetic nervous system will come online, calming child and adults alike. Thus, bringing a sense of well-being and emotional longevity. 

In response to this drastic change, the release of dopamine and serotonin, (the feel-good neurotransmitters) will begin to flood the brain more frequently. These hormones help people find an increased motivation, impulse control, improved memory, and sharper focus. 

Center Your Mental Focus

Reduce mental fog and improve your focus throughout the day.

Portable Options

Bring your weighted lap pad anywhere you go without any hassle.

Available for All Ages

Completely safe for children and adults.

Newly Introduced Weighted Lap Pads

According to the American Psychology Association, sleeping 60 to 90 minutes more per night can make the average individual a lot happier and healthier. Upon reading this, we came to the realization of how factors like sleep can significantly improve a person’s life.

That’s when we envisioned introducing our weighted lap pads.  product that dedicates itself to helping difficult areas such as sleep deprivation, anxiety, autism, SPD, and more. Rather than taking a forceful or an unorthodox approach to these areas of concern, we create weighted lap pads and weighted stuffed animals for adults and children who suffer from these issues.

Similar to our weighted blankets, our weighted lap pads are a more portable coping mechanism to help individuals overcome and deal with issues of concern in their lives. 

Our Promise

What You Can Expect

Since the formation of Namaste Blankets, our promise is dedicated to providing you with the best possible product to enhance your physical and mental health. Whether you’re looking for help or not, our products can be extremely beneficial to you.

This is about providing you with something that’ll make a positive difference in your life. The reality is the vast majority of us can utilize something like a weighted lap pad or weighted blanket. 

What you can expect from us is simple and easy. We’ll provide you with the product you’re looking for, and it’ll ship out to you in no time. If you have any questions, you reach out to us and expect a reply within an hour.

Since the public knowledge of weighted blankets and lap pads has increased over the years, there are countless resources online to help you get a fuller picture of these products. You’ll find the information surrounding weighted products to be beneficial, knowledgeable, and as a way to truly lay down the foundation of what we’re about.

Countless health experts have deemed weighted products as a solution to dealing with anxiety, sleep deprivation, autism, and SPD. Feel free to reach out to us if you’d like to learn more. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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